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On this big chess board of what we call life. We have been taught and conditioned to think that we are not the mover of the pieces, we are not the creators, only the created ponds directed by the will of something else, something bigger.We are in fact the creators, we are in fact, in a free will zone. Choice is always present. As the vibrational frequency of the planet speeds up you will notice that all this information of love and choice and power and responsibility is coming to the surface. It is all a remembering of your power, 26,000 years in the making.

We have all agreed to be here at this time during this shift to help in our own unique way. The awakening of the planet is not one man or one savior coming some time soon to do everything for us. The awakening of the planet is every single person doing something, their own individual thing to help. We are divine creation moving back toward the highest vibrational frequency, which is love. Love is all that is, it is the universal denominator and love itself will create what we call miracles. The choice that we make to embrace love over fear is what will save us and change our current way of being.

To live with love and know that you are divine, is power. This power is silent, it does not have to be shown through flashy materials or boastful egos. Silent power is love. Love is the highest vibration that you emit out into the world which helps to raise the planets energy, as well as all those around you. That is why men like Ghandi who had little or no material wealth were able to make such a difference. It was simply Ghandi’s energy that empowered people, feeling energy will make you realize the power you hold within yourself. The love is inside all of us, once we remember this love we begin to love ourselves, then everyone else. We become love and realize love is responsible.

We live in shifting unstable times, when you look at the duality of our current system it is designed to keep us disconnected and away from love. We are inundated with low vibrations of fear all day long with media, h1n1, threats of war, martial law, economic collapse etc.

Ultimately when you decide individually, and we decide collectively to embrace love and take back our power. We are going to be able to make the right decisions, take the right road, and be in exactly the right place at the right time because that is what fearless love creates. We will be reconnected with the universe and do exactly what we need to do in order for us to be our best. When we take back our power we realize that we are the mover of the pieces. All that we do is flawless every choice we make is perfect. We need every experience we have in order to remember our true power. It is all in our best interest, as you are lifted, we are lifted.

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Andre H. Paris

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