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A friend of mine shared this seminar video with me and it shed a lot of light on a subject that is very popular : “Freeman on the Land”. Its about exposing the truths about our systems and laws we willingly abide by. Actually, let me rephrase that… we have been ‘duped’ to abide by. They are not real, but ILLUSIONS.

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This talk is done by John Harris, a popular truth seeker in the UK, who, with some help, has ‘debunked’ the Law. Ever wonder why we have all these political parties, parliaments, congress, and politicians… and yet nothing gets done? Ever wonder why police and judges can enforce such ridiculous policies, and commit injustice? Ever question the walls in which we reside within? Them, along with us, are employees of corporations that want to turn profits. Our governments and social organizations are these corporations…

The talk is directly in regards to the UK, but is the exact same way the American and Canadian societies work as well, just different lingo.
I’m sure you will like it…

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