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_46792196_vaccine_afp226iI came across an article this morning that, in truth, doesn’t surprise me at all, but may surprise many people who have not yet come to terms in believing that this is possible. You can read the official article here:

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I don’t know what it’s going to take for more people to wake up to the truth about what is going on in all facets of our society but this is definitely a great start. Many of us have been warning people and speaking out about the corruption within the health industry and especially towards the H1N1 vaccine, a.k.a. “Swine Flu vaccine”. We are aware that the virus was purposely created and genetically modified in a lab by the same people who are now selling our governments the “preventative” vaccine. This vaccine was engineered to attack the human immune system and deteriorate our internal defense mechanisms. For two reasons: 1. The “Elite” want to lower the human population in order to have an advantage of being able to gain more control over fewer people. 2. They wanted to increase their profits by selling all governments of the world a product that would be demanded by the masses.

We knew before hand that these vaccines were dangerous and had not been properly tested. They went about it this way purposely. They know exactly what is in these vaccines and what the side effects can and will be for many. This article raises a big question for me. “If doctors are being told to stop using the vaccine and they will be eventually shipped new batches, what changes will they have made to the vaccine to ensure safety and that there are no more severe side effects?” Regardless, I still believe that vaccines do us no good and do not help us with immunization against disease. We have internally built immune systems that were designed to defend against viruses without the need of external medicines other than natural resources from produce. Our immune systems can be boosted through practices of good health and hygiene.

They make one point in the article that I find to be funny. They stated “None of the patients reportedly suffered long-term ill-effects.”. It’s almost as if they are trying to reassure the public about long-term effects, BUT, how long has it even been? How is it even possible to know what the long-term effects are and if there are any yet? If there are “severe” short-term effects I can only imagine what the long-terms effects will be. I guess we will have to wait it out and see. I can tell you one thing though, I’m staying far away from the doctor’s office. I have for many years and I am in great health.

I advise everyone to take a good look at what is going on here and take this article as a great eye opener. Should we truly be trusting our health officials and pharmaceutical corporations if they are poisoning us like this? Do they have our best interest at hand? We need to think for ourselves and not take the word of the media. Do your own research, use your common sense and stand up and speak your truth. We’re not going to be spoon fed lies anymore. The veils are coming down and more people are opening up to the truth. It’s our time to stand. Let the truth be known..

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