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galaxy-fountainThe old is being left behind and learned from, like a snake shedding its skin we are evolving. You can choose to hold onto the old, or change and transform and go with a new earth. We are moving to a higher light, we all have the choice to move out of the shell. The old that is being left behind is the process we needed to learn from in order to take us to this new space. The time of awakening, the time of transition. This time is really only a time when we begin to remember, we begin to know ourselves. As the sun rises and sets many things will change.

In peoples faces you will begin to see the stress and the drama as they hold onto the old. At the same time a great compassion will come forth to heal the wounds of society, a loving embrace of the feminine will heal as we move away from the masculine world domination thought form. In wisdom we find ourselves awakening to a path of ascension that was foreseen ages ago. The children that are coming to earth now have a deep knowledge of this and know that they will be the ones to bring this to life.

Everything that is being brought forth right now is needed so we may see the elements that we were once blinded to. From every angle and every view point we are seeing a new reality. The reality that has controlled the world is now finished, the system that has given us our past is now part of the past. Our future is now open for us as a people to change, for cultures to grow and become something different in nature, for us to enter into universal alignment and follow our true course of destiny. The course of destiny is upon us, the law of attraction, the secret, whatever one chooses to call it. Simply put we are moving with our hearts guided by our higher selves. In seeing this the earth is moving quickly and time seems faster. Love is immortal and over powering and always uplifting our minds and our bodies into a higher realm closer to our source.

Bring peace to everyone by letting them see who you really are, bring your light and show a path, let those around you know that your actions come from your soul. To allow this to fall into creation is to be in fullness and knowledge that this is your time. In connection you find yourself in true freedom. All that you have every known will become clear as waves of love are pushing against the current reality moving it out of the way.

You know that you are perfection, you are the creator of your reality, and you are in control. Open your eyes and see all that has been hidden from you. See the truth that you have always been powerful beyond measure, and you will move yourself and the planet into a new reality.

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