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postlightIt’s true that in the past decade leading up to now and the next couple years, moves have been made to enforce the dark agenda of a New World Order. But we need to see that it is not all darkness this plan is bringing. In the darkness of The New World order, humanity experiences a side of polarity we are shedding day by day.

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Right now we sit in the universe as a planet on the brink of a beautiful evolution. From the inside we see the agenda’s moving forward of these dark elite we call the Illuminati. We see move being carried out in terms of politics, food, health, false flag events and more. Yes the stage is set for what would appear to be a “chaotic” plan, but let’s look at what this is showing us behind all of the “bad.” Remember that humanity chooses and allows for what we experience here on earth to play out. What we are experiencing is also a reflection of ourselves collectively. Yes there is manipulation but there is also a role being played here back and forth and it is allowing us to see a bigger picture. We are learning what it is that we are tired of. We are seeing what we don’t want any longer and are ready to move on from. With each move that is made to further test our society, we get a chance to learn more.

Look at what we can create! We can be so destructive and “evil” if we choose to. We are seeing it right now. We are staring our darkest creations in the face and experiencing the full extent of how dark we can be as human beings collectively experiencing each other. This is a much needed experience for us all. In seeing this darkness and understanding what it is all about, we can then say; “we have played like this far too long in our experience and we have had enough, it’s time to move on.” Until we can look at this mess as our own individual creations and take responsibility as an individual organism, we cannot fully understand what we have created here.

There is much beauty and perfection around what is happening right now with the governing Elite and the New World Order. These beings are made of love at the core, they are here to show and teach us something just as we teach them. We should see them for that and understand what they are doing helping us in a big way in our evolution.

Remember to see and feel things for what it is, with no emotional connection that will filter our perception or put an unwanted label on something. We are accelerating at a fast pace as a collective and things are ever changing. We approach a year where we will see a great deal of change, it is exciting to look forward to.

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