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As we enter into our human experience the soul hits the “record” button and begins recording all of the experiences we have here. Given whatever level of soul evolution we are at, we have a certain level of “unclouded” connectedness to source consciousness. Simply, souls that are advanced further will have less ego interference during the experience. All this means is the ego will have less and less of an effect in clouding the guidance of the higher self and the knowing from source consciousness.

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We come here for the purpose of soul growth and evolution. That being said, we have setup before we come, certain experiences that need to happen. We put in “marker points” or “cues” that will come up in our lives when the time presents to “learn” or “take from” certain experiences. At the conscious level however, sometimes we miss these marker points or cues because we are not ready on a conscious level to face them and we have chosen to hide. We may also have the guidance of our higher levels clouded because of the ego, and miss the boat.

It is not necessarily a “good” or “bad” thing should we miss or not miss these marker points. It essentially is what it is and the lessons will be learned at a later time when the next marker o cue appears and the time is right.

It is important to add that there is a possibility for the markered experience to become intensified or more powerful as we continue to miss them. This is simply because we usually have more experiences or emotions built up around these lessons that have created more veils and beliefs making it more difficult to walk away from or see the essence of.

As of right now we are seeing a massive acceleration on the planet as marker points are popping up everywhere for many of us. Only, a lot of times these they will not quite go away or be “brushed under the rug” due to the consciousness shift we are going through collectively. We are all being asked to face these dualities, veils, beliefs, and archaic structures and move on from them. We have played in this stuck state for a very long time and are simply asking for a new experience.

Let’s face our darkness and inner “demons” as we see them present instead of walking away and hiding. This will make things a lot easier and more comfortable as things intensify.

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