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earthhands6isThis is a great article that I came across, you can check it out here:

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The basis of the article talks about how the New York based Human Rights Watch has called upon Saudi Arabia to over-turn a death sentence given to a man convicted of practicing witchcraft.  Now, this should ring a wake-up alarm for many people.  Why is it that they have a death sentence as a consequence for “witchcraft” in the first place? Is it maybe because they know something and are in fear of it being exposed? The man simply made a psychic prediction on national television and he all of a sudden is arrested and sentenced to death.  Hmmm.  Makes you wonder.

This area of the world is a major energy hub.  It is like a “galactic airport”.  Especially in the area of Egypt.  The beings that rule our planet use these areas to enter and exit our reality.  Because of the energies here, you can only imagine how much suppression goes on.  Looking back on world history this has been the case for thousands of years.  Witches, warlocks, sorcerers, shamans, native tribes, psychics, mediums and all other “phenoms” have been shunned and slaughtered all across the globe, by the world powers.  The beings that do not want our true human essence and power of creation to surface.  They know we are all “gods of one source” inside human bodies and do everything in their power to suppress our abilities.  We all have these “magical” (in truth they are natural) abilities and with the energies on the planet right now, the power of love and light is allowing us to remember, open up and embrace these powers to use them for the good of humanity and the planet.  This article shows that people are opening up more and more to the idea of humans being “powerful beings” in our true essence and that the darkness is living in fear of the light.  We are evolving, remembering and awakening every day, more and more.  Shed your doubt, shed your fears and embrace the love and light that you are.  The darkness has no power over us unless we allow it.  We don’t have to be afraid any longer.  Shine your light and love for the world!

Here are some encouraging words for you:

“To live in fear, fear of love and change, is to be afraid to live. Our life changes by the second through the power of our thoughts. If it weren’t for the concept of change we would be still in time and space. Experiencing nothingness. Embrace change and embrace love. You are love and you are change. Be all that you can be. LOVE OVER FEAR.”

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