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light tornado

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We are nearing a point where a massive influx of energy will be coming onto our planet. This we can call for namesake “A Shockwave.” We can expect this influx of energy to have quite an effect on our experience here. We will see it affect areas around health and finance. Individually, we will have more veils come down. We will watch as our ego program loses more of its structure but brings up intense confusion while it’s losing its ground. We will look at ourselves and realize we are not our ego, this false sense of self, this will be coupled with the confusion of “Then who am I?”

There is a mass awakening going on in the Health Industry right now, maybe not so much in it, but the collective is beginning to understand very quickly that the health industry is mainly just smoke and mirrors. It is becoming self evident that health care is not built around our best interests nor is it actually helping us as much as we think. We can see this awakening happening in a big way with the Swine Flu Vaccine. Before the vaccine dropped, 77% of Canadians said they would get the vaccine. Now, only 33% of people in Canada say they would get the vaccine and it’s mainly due to mass awakening surrounding the blatant fact that vaccines are counter-productive and have never and will never work or prevent anything. This is a huge step for the collective in allowing the foundations around health care to begin to break.

In terms of our financial structure we can see that there is a “shell economy” being built right now and many are beginning to catch on to that. What this means is, we are seeing a lot of the markets (Indices) going up and beginning to show signs of growth yet there is no GDP growth, the USD dollar is collapsing and the CDN dollar is too high for companies to be turning large profits. More jobs are being cut, and no one has any money to be throwing into the market. Sales are still down and companies are still showing low profit. How is it making such a large recovery? The answer is quite simple. The markets have and will always be, until the inevitable collapse, manipulated to perform exactly how the governing elite want them to perform. We have seen it time and time again and this is no different except for the little fact that people are starting to wake up and this system has nowhere to go but straight down with the coming consciousness shift. All perfect given what we have asked to experience here.

I’m not one for predictions because nothing is ever certain ,and humanity has fallen far off a linear path, not to mention with the energies right now things can turn at any moment, but I will say that we are very close to seeing some substantial changes come about. Will all of us feel it? Not quite, we will all play our own role and have the experience we all need to have. Most of us will see it more clearly however. When more and more collective and individual veils come down the world will look completely different which will spark some big change. Much needed change as we can see.

I will leave you with the knowing that whatever happens will be perfection, exactly what humanity has asked to experience. There is no telling to what severity we will experience “bad” events, but the blunt of it is, mother earth is a sick girl right now and humanity has a long way to come in awakening still. Anchor in love and face your inner darkness as it comes up to be cleared, this is the best way to make the ride a little smoother.

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Peace and Love


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