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This struck my eye as being one of the most comedic articles I have ever read. I do not think there are many people on the planet that would be able to truly take this article seriously due to the absurdity of what it is claiming.

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Foreign Policy Magazine recently came up with the world’s top 100 thinkers of 2009 and topping the list were Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and US President Barack Obama. They apparently received this rank for their ability to think and be successful in their respective roles which is something we all could laugh at a little I’m sure.

First Bernanke, the article states:

“The Zen-like chairman of the US Federal Reserve might not have topped the list solely for turning his superb academic career into a blueprint for action, for single-handedly reinventing the role of a central bank, or for preventing the collapse of the US economy.”

First off, “thinker?” Since when does Ben Bernanke do any thinking whatsoever when it comes to the decisions made surrounding the Fed? Alan Greenspan still tends to be the one handing down many of the decisions along with a few other banking Elite. We must remember those who are truly in power and make decisions do not put themselves in the light for everyone to know who they are. Ben really does not do much thinking here I can promise you that.

In terms of creating and saving the economy? I don’t see it saved yet, nor do I see the possibility of it NOT collapsing. I think maybe he has done a good job in creating the idea that the Fed “saved the day.” But certainly the US and whole Globe for that matter is not out of the water yet in terms of an economic recovery. Of course all of this on top of the fact that Bernanke has repeatedly been made to look completely foolish in congress while being questioned about stimulus.

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Onto Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winning president, or should I say puppet.

“He is an unapologetic wonk with a professorial bearing, a ‘radical incrementalist’ (in the useful term of his detractors) who assesses, seeks advice, considers, seeks counsel again, and then tinkers. He is also a president with big ideas, particularly in his foreign policy.”

A puppet is all Obama really is in his role as president. Again remembering that all a person in apparent power does is act as the face for the true governing elite, we realize Obama has not done any thinking here. He has gone back on virtually every promise he has ever made, not to mention his keen willingness to continue carrying out the Elite’s plan. We could literally go on all day about Obama with this one but I will just leave you with what has been stated above as there really isn’t much more that has to be said if you have been paying any attention to what’s going on around us.

Articles like this are just more proof that the Elite are continuing to panic more and more. They see their power slipping down the drain as the collective anchors itself in truth and begins to see through their perceptional veils. This article gets me further excited about what is taking place right now and what is about to unfold in the coming months. I just had to share this one as I thought was just too funny to read and not pass on.


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