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Copenhagen is 2 days away and the story around global warming is unraveling faster than I could have imagined. The light is really beginning to come to the media around many issues, excited to be sharing some more soon that will surprise some of us. This story here is beautiful to me as it brings so much truth to the people who find their “truth” from the media.

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Normally I would say what is said on the news is not quite the version of reality that is true, but like was mentioned before, with new consciousness comes great change and we are seeing some of that change within the media. Included below is a video from CBC news talking about Global Warming ahead of the Copenhagen meeting.

Phil Jones, one of the scientists who was working to create the Global Warming cover up has left his position and stated that he and many other scientists had skewed temperature numbers to make temperature numbers look worse. He also covered up the fact that the planet has actually been cooling since 1998. To anyone who caught the 11:00pm ET CBC newscast, Phil actually states “what was I supposed to do? The entire scientific community would have come down on me if I released the truth about global cooling.”

December 6th to 18th 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, climate talks will be taking place to discuss the moves that need to be made globally to stop manmade global warming. One of the plans is to implement a carbon tax that will literally cost business and the people a lot of money. Since C02 is the major contributor to what climate change has happened, we then realize that if this carbon tax is implemented, we would be taxed for breathing and for something that plants naturally omit. Are we going to let this happen?

The collective will not allow this to happen with the consciousness that is coming in to all of us. We have played in the realm of allowing this control to go on, and it’s time to move. Expect things to escalate and heat up a little more around exposing the Global Warming fraud. Enjoy the ride my friends, 2010 is going to be quite the one!

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