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gore-oscarsWith Copenhagen climate talks just days away, more dirt is being dumped on Al Gore surrounding his new proven lies about Climate Change. While it was widely known among independent researchers and people the media likes to call “conspiracy theorists,” the facts surrounding manmade global warming being a fraud is now mass media news.

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It’s unfortunate it took so long for the people to finally believe what people have been saying for years, not to mention that it had to be on the news, but the truth is now at the surface which is what matters most. With this new truth comes a great deal of questioning and looking back at what has happened in the past as a result of the information stating that Global Warming was caused by man.

Two conservative screen writers are calling for the removal of Al Gores Oscar for his film “An Inconvenient Truth.” It seems a little “inconvenient” for Gore but something he deserves given what he has been covering up all these years.

The comments of one of the screen writer:

“I personally call for the Academy to rescind this Oscar,” Simon said.

“In the history of the Academy … not to my knowledge has an Oscar ever been rescinded. … I think they should rescind this one.”

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It will definitely be interesting to see how The Academy responds to this one, I can imagine some excuse will be made to stop the award from being taken away but that’s for them to decide.

Another question this should raise is whether or not Al Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize. Clearly that was given based on a lie as well.

What’s funny about this entire thing is, The Elite who hand out these awards both know full well what the agenda behind Global Warming was and still gave the awards. The reason for that is simply to convince the public that Gore was doing something GREAT and the public should back him up!

How does that make you feel? It is now right in our faces, we have been blatantly lied to and been blatantly convinced through awards that Global Warming was manmade. All for what? MONEY. So they could implement taxes to get more money out of the collective.

But hey, just so we are clear, 9/11 was done by terrorists! ; )

The Collective Evolution Team

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