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raw foodsEating a raw food diet means exactly that.  Your food intake consists of raw and dried fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, oils, legumes and sprouts.  The purpose of eating raw is to fuel your body with the most sufficient natural sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for an optimal health experience. Our bodies are alive and to contribute to them staying healthy it makes sense to feed them with live foods, rather than cooked food, processed junk, or dead and then cooked meats.

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When we take a second and pay attention to the human anatomy as a tool that enables us to feed ourselves, there are few things to take notice of: We do not have razor sharp claws or teeth that could tear a chunk of meat off an animal. If we were out in the wild without any tools, besides the ones attached to our bodies ,it would be pretty hard to eat something like a piece of steak or a chocolate bar. We would be able to eat fruits and vegetables, things that we can pick with our hands and chew with our teeth, things that do not need to be cooked. We are the only species on the planet that actually cooks food and when doing so we take a lot of the nutrients and digestive enzymes out of something that was once perfect for us to eat.

Enzymes break down the nutrients, which allows us to reap the full benefits of what we consume. Enzymes also aid in digestion, and when these enzymes are already in the food we are trying to digest, we no longer have to create them ourselves which in turn lets us keep the energy we would waste doing so. This is one of the reasons eating a raw vegan diet increases your energy. With more energy the body needs less sleep and other artificial boosts like energy drinks and coffee.

When consuming processed food, we absorb all the toxins that are hidden in them. These toxins make us lethargic, affect our moods, make us feel heavy and bloated, and worst of all, create addictions, resulting in a vicious cycle of eating, feeling bogged down by what you ate and then craving that same thing again. This bogged down feeling clouds our mental clarity and lowers our naturally high vibrations to a denser state.  When eating natural foods grown from sunlight energy and formed by the earth, we create a stronger connection to our oneness with Gaia and allow our selves to think more clearly and more consciously. We allow ourselves to be more in tune with our higher self and the universe.

Eating raw, not only improves our mood and energy, it also strengthens our immune system. With a stronger immune system we get sick less often, and if and when we do get sick, our body, along with all the nutrients in the great food we’re eating, is able to more easily fight it off. This creates less of a dependency on prescription drugs and external medicines that mask the problem rather than curing it. These drugs also have chemicals and toxins in them that we do not need. Our current cultural diets of cooked foods containing meat, additives and preservatives account for the majority of our health issues. These health issues could virtually be eliminated by eating a raw food diet. Raw diets are known to cure major illnesses like Diabetes, Cancer, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis, not to mention a plethora of minor issues.

A healthy live food diet not only does wonders for our internal body but also for our overall physical appearance. When consuming high amounts of natural vitamins and nutrients, there is an improvement of the clarity and texture of our skin, wrinkles diminish, our hair becomes softer and shinier, our nails grow stronger and because we have so much more energy, we may even use it to do some physical activity, making the body stronger and improving the flow of energy within.

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