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A 14 year old boy has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome hours after receiving his H1N1 vaccine. The boy had received his H1N1 vaccine and a few hours later began to have chills and was feeling weak. A few more hours later he was having spasms related to neurological issues.

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This is not the first case of GBS this year from the H1N1; it has happened a number of times already, not to mention it killing more people in 1976 than the actual swine flu.

H1N1 has appeared to be somewhat of a “dud” in terms of a pandemic as well. It seems that Obama calling it a “National Emergency” is a complete joke given the circumstances. The risks associated with H1N1 seems to be at the same level if not lower compared to that of the vaccine thus far, which is no surprise when we look at track records and the ignorance of modern medicine.

It’s important to remember what is happening when we are injected with vaccines like this. Inside this vaccine is basically a concoction of neuro-toxins, chemicals, animal tissues, cancer cells, etc etc. It essentially brings the frequency of the body down to the level in which a lot of diseases and sickness can manifest. What it also does is open the potential up for certain things to play out whether it be illnesses, GBS, cancers, death etc etc. The severity completely depends on the experience we chose to have on higher levels, as well, it’s important to understand it as a “marker point” for us. We have the potential for these to play out should we not choose to begin our path towards opening up to new consciousness, basically, when we aren’t achieving what we came here for at the soul level.

Also, the vaccine will be a tool for those of us who will be checking out prior to the shift, which is a decision made at the soul level. In other ways, the vaccine allows us to fully understand the way we conduct healthcare so we know what not to do when things begin to change. It is the final bits of what we need to experience before deciding to change our experience.

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