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seek truthToday we find ourselves faced with a time of great change and great unrest. There have been many people, groups and organizations in the past who have spoken out and brought forth their concerns and information which assisted the collective at that time. Now however, on some levels we are seeing a much more peaceful approach, one that in some ways is being heard more easily for its approach.

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It may not be that every person or group who speaks out will come from peace, but we are all assisting each other in many ways. For some, a different approach appeals to us given where we are at personally in our life, for others, a completely different approach may work. Behind most of these messages, is a commonality, we are in the midst of change and we must become aware or we will face an unpleasant future.

You may stumble onto and find that our approach isn’t for you. Perfect, this is the beauty of the variety that is available today in having so many of us speak out. We can be lead or guided to whichever resource works best for our own personal experience. We would like to share some resources you may find work for you.

I would like to say for the rest of us at, we may not fully agree with each resource in it’s entirety in terms of its spread of truth, nor do we feel we, in any way, are spreading a better message. We share our own experience and they share theirs. Like us, they are having the exact experience they need to have, and it is perfection for all of us to play with and be a part of.

dickeDavid Icke
Based on our experience, David has brought forth a very wide variety of material which connects many dots in terms of the puzzle of our reality.  Definitely will find something you can relate to.

alexjonesAlex Jones
Alex has been doing great work for many years exposing the truth behind the governments of our world. Some may find his approach aggressive but as mentioned before, everyone is looking for a different experience. Alex has done much amazing work in his time regardless of his approach.

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projcamelotProject Camelot
“To provide researchers, activists and ‘whistleblowers’ with access to all forms of media in order to get the truth out. With a huge archive of video interviews, this is a great source for truth on many topics.

zgmvn Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist Movement)
The popular film “Zeitgeist” is a masterpiece by Peter, one of the documentaries responsible for making a great deal of noise around the world. Peter’s approach is very grounded and heart-felt, bringing up a more conscious look into our reality and what needs to change.

bannerpurpleAlex Ansary
Alex has a Radio Show you can listen to daily as well as an expansive archive of previous talks with very interesting people. He brings another solid truth perspective to news as it happens.

A group of individuals with many chapters throughout the world. They are doing a great job in speaking their truth to the public and sharing video. If there is a major event you will find them there bringing the change that is needed.

There are literally hundreds more who are speaking out and spreading the light, we have just shared some who we have enjoyed or come in contact with. We can also say we are happy to see a lot of peace behind much of the people who speak out today. It is important to remember that when we come from peace, peace cannot be attacked. When we come from ego and anger, we open the doors for more ego and aggression back.

Peace and Love

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