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  We're creating viewer supported news. Become a member! reported today that Greenpeace members had scaled the Parliament buildings in Ottawa early this morning, hanging large banners scolding the Canadian Government for “taking their time” acting on Climate Change.

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The report states the activists caught the RCMP napping and were able to get to the top of the building somehow without them noticing. How is arguably the most important building in Canada not secured enough to stop a LARGE group of people from scaling it and hanging banners? What if they had a bomb? BYE BYE Parliament! But are we even going to realize that?

The group is demanding that Canada does something in Copenhagen to push towards doing their part for Climate Change. Did we not just learn that manmade climate change isn’t real? And that it’s clear Canada will follow suit of the US who is obviously looking to get a carbon tax implemented to line their pockets with more money? I don’t see what this would do other then make it appear as though Canadians are hoping their governments will step in and help out with Climate Change.

All I can say to that is, speak for yourself on what Canada should do in Copenhagen. I think its overwhelmingly clear the bigger problem here is whether or not a new tax will do anything to help non existent manmade climate change. I think the majority of Canadians do not support or believe any longer in the claims that we are to blame for global warming.

But here we see more support for an attempt to prove manmade climate change is a real problem. I am not sure it could be more obvious that this is a false flagged event or possibly they got wind it was coming and allowed it to “happen.” I can’t get passed how “potential bombers” could have gotten past security at one of the most, if not the most, important buildings in Canada. Please see the “sketchy” video report for yourself.

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