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2_21_450_h1n1vaccineLet’s stop playing the games, falling into the drama and listening to the TV where health officials are fear mongering the public into thinking H1N1 is some sort of threat. H1N1 is possibly the biggest dud we have seen in terms of a virus to be scared of and immunized against. Take a look around, it’s not turning out to be anything near as bad as was claimed and most deaths were “linked” to H1N1 and either later proven not to be H1N1 or were simply never concluded to be H1N1 caused.

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“Public health officials are misleading Canadians by continuing to characterize the H1N1 virus as a threat in the hopes of unloading millions of doses of unused vaccine, charges Ontario’s former chief medical officer of health.”

I could not have said this better myself and I’m ecstatic this is beginning to be said more and more as the light comes to the truth around H1N1. This entire H1N1 scheme has been about 3 things, Money, fear and bringing the collective back down to a vibratory range where they can remain “stuck.”

“Spending Christmas in bed or in an ICU unit is no fun and the only way to actually avoid that is for a large number of Canadians to be immunized,” agency head Dr. David Butler-Jones told a teleconference.

This was one of the statements used to fear Canadians into getting the vaccine. The only way to avoid it? That is a blatant lie and one that I don’t feel will slip by many Canadians, especially as collectively we have all been expanding our conscious awareness at quite a speed.

“The real story is the disconnect between what the senior public health officials, provincially and nationally, have been saying to people and what’s actually been going on,” Schabas argued. “They have been misrepresenting the state of the outbreak and the level of risk.”

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This is quite obvious,  and while it’s part of the real story, it’s not the WHOLE story. Aside from the embarrassment of overreacting and buying too many vaccines, on a higher level there is quite the agenda that is to be played out. As they watch it dribble down the drain the frustration sets in and it seems to be taking it’s toll.

Above it was mentioned that part of the goal of the vaccine was to affect the vibration of the collective. To explain this a little further without getting to detailed; the contents of the vaccine are meant to insert a great deal of potentials as well as bring the body down to a frequency range where these potentials can play out.

For example, it begins by attacking the immune system to a point where it virtually doesn’t exist, at this point it takes very little to get the body sick should that experience need to play out for an individual. In terms of a more serious potential, there are more serious diseases that can play out should either an individual need to use it as a tool on a higher level or should they possibly miss some cues to make some internal shifts. By missing the cues we can open ourselves up for the potential to play out.

Again, there’s many layers to this but it’s simply important to remember that we are seeing a lot change right now. Much is coming to the surface surrounding health care and it’s going to reveal a lot about what the true agenda is behind it. We must detach and see things for what they are or else the mind will get wrapped up and create more confusion.

The potentials are perfect because they act as a tool for whatever needs to play out to play out, its important to remember and see the perfection in this, avoiding the mind work. This is only the beginning of what is going to come to light in the field of health care and its important to remember exactly why this is all happening.

Love and Light

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