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IranoilThese articles here are a great eye opener as well as an affirmation for many people. I, among many others, believe that the war in the middle east is taking place for purposes other than what our political leaders may be leading us to think. They try to justify war for being a tool to create freedom and peace. In a sense it can and I touch on this issue in a different light at the bottom of this post.

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Many people have said that a major cause of the war is to gain ownership of the vast oil fields in the middle east. Is this another “conspiracy theory” coming to the light as truth?  You decide for yourself…

Check out the articles here:

The very first paragraph of the first article says it all…

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More than six and a half years after the United States-led invasion here that many believed was about oil, the major oil companies are finally gaining access to Iraq’s petroleum reserves.

I would like to touch on one thing because I am not here to judge.  I would just like to shine some light on things that some people may not be aware of. Many have come to the awareness that the act of war does not lead to peace. Many have come to the realization that it has served humanity for a long time.  It has showed us how far we can go into the darkness and that we do not need to live like this any longer. I believe, along with many others, that we do not have to hate each other for going to war. We must show compassion and forgive our brothers and sisters. We chose to experience it so that we can learn from it. We must now learn to be at peace with it and know that it is time to move on. Time to evolve. Can we resolve the “problems” of our world using love instead of hate? To bring peace to our race, we must live at peace within each and every one of us. It starts from within.

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