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soulmatesSoul mates are members of your own soul group, they are beings you have had many life times and incarnations with before. When you meet your soul mate, even if you are not aware of any spirituality within you or have had no mystical experiences of any kind you will still have the feeling you are connected to this person.

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The connection of those within your soul grouping is very strong. You resonate with matching frequencies and often have karmic ties. There has often been human love between you before, you will have had lifetimes as husband and wife or brother and sister or parent and child.

To have a love or marriage relationship with a soul mate can be your greatest challenge. You bring each other experiences in ways you will not have encountered in other reationships as there is much learning to be done between you. If you have connected with a soul mate than either one, or both of you will be ready to awaken spiritually or will have already awakened spiritually. The soul mate relationship can be one of strife and misunderstanding or one of harmony and connection, but it will always bring great spiritual growth to the soul.

At this time of great change leading up to the return to singularity and the return to zero point there are a great many of you connecting with your soul mate. These relationships are being manifested by you and your own desire to connect to the divine aspects of yourself. These aspects of yourself are mirrored in another who holds the frequency of your higher self.

Those of you who have awakened and are activating your DNA into the new structure, have learned to manifest. You have learned to create your own reality and you are the ones who have drawn these divine relationships into your life. Cherish them well, they are a beautiful experience and relationships of service. Soul mates are able to anchor the light frequency very well, as they magnify the light within each other and are each others masters.

Those of you who have not yet met their soul mate do not worry. Know that if you are walking the spiritual path working on yourself and doing appropriate research gaining knowledge and are spreading your light and love of healing across the planet, you will meet your soul mate. Those of you who hold the frequency of unconditional love and have reached that place within yourself may have the wish to meet your soul mate and experience the divine relationship of service and giving. You will have it.

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Be confident and reassured that you will meet this person, know fully in your heart that the person you seek is there for you around the corner in time. Let go of any desperation or grasping need to be with this person and be truly comfortable and in balance as a single entity. Find happiness in the single path.

Let go of your need to be with your soul mate and then, that person will show themselves in your life. One of your greatest tools in creating your own reality is the tool of truly knowing what you want. Knowing what you have and what you want, and being happy without it and letting go of it is how to find what you are looking for. Letting go is the key to manifestation.

Your soul mate is there for you, they are not a love, but part of the love you have for yourself and your life. Your soul mate is the mirrored aspects of you that will bring out your best. Only by truly giving all of your perfect love out to your soul mate and your relationship can you experience being in perfect love, in the perfect relationship.


Andre H. Paris

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