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change-1When looking at the world even in an unconscious state, we can see that we are not at peace, we are not free and are not all living in a world we are overly harpy with. I’m not talking about the kind of happy that we feel day to day, more so the happiness that is missing when we see war, hatred, and corrupt entities.

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It can be asked around the entire world “What is the one thing you would change on this planet right now if you could?” The answers would all be roughly the same: “Not working anymore,” “End world hunger,” “world peace,” “a world without money.” These are all the most popular answers we have got when asking this question so we ask “Why hasn’t the world changed?”

The answer may seem to involve many governing entities who hold us back, but the truth is, we simply are not done playing with our current experience at all levels, so what happens here continues to play out until we are finished experiencing this reality. As much as others would like to move on from these realities, there are some who are not ready  to at the soul level. We are here to experience the intensity of duality on our planet and at times, even when we consciously think we are ready to move on from these things, we may not be at the soul level. At the conscious level we may be looking at them as too painful to bear. We may not want to face the reality of what experience can come out of these things so we remain stuck, playing with these archaic concepts over and over.

As more and more of us begin to see and gain soul level awareness realizing “we don’t need to experience a world like this anymore” we begin to move on slowly. Little by little we all affect each other and assist each other to make shifts. As some of us realize, at the soul level, we do not wish to make these shifts we will choose to check out of this experience to allow the collective to move on. Those will simply be souls that are not yet ready to make these shifts because they did not come with enough soul growth to be ready for it or some cannot make these shifts because they are a little too caught up in the boxes and belief systems and realize they are in a stuck state that they are not able to get out of. Others will continue, however, to play the “stuck” role to show us the duality throughout the shift as a reference point to fully push us through the shift.

In any case, we are all here playing out our own experience and perfection for the collective. No one is more right or wrong in terms of what the “believe” or experience, everything is neutral. The time is upon us now and accelerating very quickly, we are seeing it unfold in front of our eyes and in ourselves. Continue to play the observer and do not resist, it will only make things more difficult for yourself.


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