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soul3Clarity is coming into focus as we walk further down the path. Intuition becomes the standard level of communication. On the level of the physical, the logical mind uses reason to understand polarity. Humans are prone to the judgment of factual reality through past experiences and expectations of future results. As the third dimensional reality reaches critical mass in evolutionary development we are face with great difficulty. The world view is based upon limitation and management of resources to gain power over the environment and protect against interference.

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The result is the manifestation of fear which creates a protective shell around the emotional body of cultures nations and races. Once fear becomes hardened the world of polarity is established, always swinging back and forth like a pendulum keeping the ego for falling into nothingness.

From within this system of polarized fear, reality appears as a constant struggle to maintain existence against innumerable odds and the unrelenting force of destruction. All in all this is part of the playing out of the larger reality of life. The universe is ever expanding and humans are ever ascending or evolving.

3rd dimensional reality is based in a material energetic existence on a playing field of polarized magnetic forces. These forces allow for the creation and destruction of everything that manifests along time lines that correspond to spatial points. When there is the acknowledgement of the existence of a universal creative force, a mind force that holds the power of pure manifestation, then there is a completion of the circle and no more need for good vs. evil, fear vs. love.

From the emptiness and loneliness of the deceptive 3rd dimension will come an oceanic state of connection, that love will motivate intention. Intent is the creative force, the emotional state that holds all beings, in love and oneness there is limitless connection and the free experience of being. There is no form or structure that holds thought, as it is a complex part of feeling within a larger stream of connective oneness.

The way of the heart is to see the path of love and connection, as we awaken to the same feelings we will walk in joy and belonging. We love because we know each other and see with a clear vision that is not clouded by the fog of fear, guilt and obligation tied to a polarized system of reality.

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There is no compromise for enlightenment and abundance it is all ours to have. It is yours to give and yours to have. To find your hearts quest is to know your minds answer. Let the world see with open eyes that there is harmony and that conflict has directed you to your path of joy, joy is yours to create. It is useless to see the world as physical and dense, begin to see your world as energy, see your world as abundant potential.

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