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free willBegin with the first step of asking, then move forward along the path of vision, the vision is the manifesting stream of your being. It comes from your heart and reaches out into time and space becoming real, the following of this stream is your choice, and the turning away to hide in darkness and fear is also your choice.

Turning away from the power of your vision leads to pain and suffering. The connected feeling of being you is never lost in the multidimensional aspect of who you are in your soul, you always have the choice to remember. There are however some parts of your being that can become damaged wounded and unable to bind with the highest soul energies of your collective being.

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It is here in choice you feel the family of light which you are, and you see that in this choice you are the one that shines or the one that does not. It is the power that you accept and the choices that you accept which will allow you to become an empowered souvenir creator or a cog in a machine that limits your freedom as you fight within this mechanism for survival. If you choose to become a creator you will have the resources and the ability to be what you wish to be.

At this stage in your awakening the timing of events will come faster and faster now as you feel the push of the ascending wave launching your ideas into manifestation.

Stand and be counted as a leader and one who is in alignment with themselves and uses their voice to speak on behalf of the teachers within. Your are empowered with free will, your heart is the guide. Your hearts vision is that which takes you from the mundane reality to the unreal dreams, in between these two exists the imagination, play with your imagination. Choose to love and be free.


Andre H Paris

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