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lightAt this time we are unable to translate the full spectrum of vital data present in light. Light is the quintessential point of consciousness made coherent. It is the radiant emissary of the supreme organizing principle luminously embodied by our sun, by all life on our planet, and in our solar system. It is in discovering our co-creative nature of our relationship with the sun and the earth that our essence of being, our true identity is revealed to us.

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Our sun deciphers and interprets the matrix of source intelligence projected as light from the galactic core, we as biological units of circuitry are the sensory organs through which this light is received decoded and transmitted into the morphogenetic field of earth consciousness. The range and integrity of the code we are able to download dictates the paradigm we collectively experience.

The alchemical masterpiece of our human design was created to elucidate the divinity of life and light. We were made to be the instrument of benevolence of our conception, that we may conduct a symphony of creation, each one of us expressing a fractal harmonic of earths greater consciousness. Our sun generates the photonic matrix of creation communicating a cascade of radiant matrices reaching out to earths embrace for a resonant field in which to conceive matter.

This sacred communion between the mother of form and the father of consciousness realizes interference patterns of geometries that nest seamlessly, morphing and birthing ever more dense fields of manifestation cohering into the crystallization of matter, translating lights subtle impulses as life forms that walk, fly and swim clothed in skin, fur and feather. Trees, flowers and clouds are earth transforming the awareness of her sun into the living poetry of form, feeling, color and sound .

Our sun represents to our psyche the ultimate comprehensive monadic geometry of existence, it is our prime connection to the malevolence of our creation. Its light is the counter resonant field for our divine immortal blue print. Enlightenment is not simply a conceptual acquisition, it is a literal ability to become resonant with the evolutionary propensities in the geometries of light.

Humanity needs no more middle men, no mediators between ourselves and the perfection of our creation, no more creeds and doctrines. The truth is in this moment, transmitted from the heart of the cosmos relating through creation and defining its message in a ray of light or in each breath of life.

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On earth, in this temporal zone humanity is suffering a deficiency, limiting our connection with the planet and the suns transmissions, due to the disconnection with ourselves. Each sunrise and sunset now counts off the increments of time that defines our journey towards the grave. Light rather than being recognized as the sustainer of life has become the hourglass of our death.

The assimilation and translation of light as information is integral to the process of individual and collective transcendence of this fear based mortal paradigm. It is only because we do not know ourselves that we are bent on destroying ourselves. Light holds the keys to remembrance. Break your schedule the system has imposed upon you. Wake up early one mourning and watch the sun rise, it will feed you.


Andre H. Paris

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