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ad eveThe biblical allegory of Adam and Eve symbolically reflects some truth. The garden of Eden (earth) was created to sustain human life in the most glorious way possible. Everything that humanity (Adam and Eve) needed to survive in total harmony was provided by god and the kingdom of nature.

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The gift of free will was given so that humanity could choose each day how we would use our precious gift of life. In all the perfection there was only one rule given to us by our god parents, and that was “we must not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” But humanity (Eve) did eat the apple and began experimenting with our gift of life in destructive ways, creating negative thought forms that reflected on the environment. This resulted in the eventual “fall of man.”

Humanity became so immersed in our self created chaos and pain that we could no longer perceive our divine purpose. We continued creating denser and denser vibrations of negativity until we manifested such a chasm between ourselves and our knowledge of god (life) that we felt isolated and alone to struggle in our misery, disconnected from the universe.

Throughout time illuminated souls have volunteered to come to earth, penetrating into the dense humanly created veil and illusion to bring to humanity the knowledge of god, to help humanity remember their own divinity. Throughout history the prophecy was made that there would come a time when humanity would awaken to the power within and develop our latent abilities, thus becoming the master of our lives and our reality. This grand awakening would call to remembrance the vows we took in the heart of god before this world was. We would remember our divine purpose and reason for being and the paradise on earth, the Garden of Eden; heaven on earth would be reclaimed.

As we awaken to the power of god within we will be able to perceive the reality of our true beings. The created world of illusion and limitation will be exposed to the truth brought on by light. The belief in separation binds us to negativity, unity will set us free. Perfection of all things will begin to reflect in every aspect of our lives. As we ascend into the vibration of gods will our bodies, our consciousness, our spheres of influence along with the planet earth and all of her life will reflect gods light. Our light is gods light.

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