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truthIn these times many are looking for answers, people look to religious or political saviors to fix the problems we have collectively created and decided to experience. The answer is, there is no answer. We are only to experience this, there is no one on the planet that can tell you what to do. You are given free will and get to choose what you feel is right to do and experience.

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People seem to be waiting on a dying ancient system to correct itself, when in fact we have already chosen to change, this is why everything is crumbling. This time we are in is the moment of advanced maturity. It is time for everyone to listen to themselves and get their guidance from within. Become your own Christ and be tuned in to figure out where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing.

We are reaching maturity as a planet. Ask what is going to happen to us and you will find the answer, we are going to become totally self confident and free. We will become totally responsible for our self without being coerced to accept some higher authority. We will get to that place where we will just know what to do.

The physical plane we are on is just a moment, we are here to experience and remember. Spiritual emotional mental physical experiences aid to educate yourself your soul, and your higher self. The whole idea of advanced maturity is to create love. When one learns to create love one leaves a legacy of love. Nothing else in this experience we are having is real, it seems real because we tie so much drama and emotion to it. However nothing in the physical world sticks non of it is real, it doesn’t last.

No writings or leaders or guides can tell you the answer. The only one who can find the answer and tell you what to do is none other than yourself. The key is to quiet the superficial outside and look within, when you ask yourself for answers, the answers you seek will present themselves within your reality.

Spread love, love oneself and love all. Hate is nothing but a lack of love, a lack of love is destructive and infectious. Once you lose focus of your original intent which is to love, things begin to fall apart in your personal life and in the world. Without love one continues to justify creating a space of fear. The polarities of love and fear cannot exist in the same space. Seek to experience love and see good in everyday observe the planetary shift without emotion, the answer is in you.

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