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World+Bank+President+IMF+Director+Hold+Briefing+3PXdzlr5qLclMost economic hitmen, or employees of corporations that control the World Bank and IMF are sworn to secrecy and well paid off. Economic hitmen are well dressed university educated international racketeers. Their boss, the World Bank and IMF use these men to take over governments or bribe leaders of developing countries in order to secure the natural resources for the western. All while holding developing countries under their thumb with debt.

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Here is how it works. It began in the 1970’s when legislation was passed in order to drastically deregulate the flow of money around the world which would in turn allow capital to move freely from country to country. The trade barriers that were put in place by developing countries to protect their own resources were also taken down, allowing for free trade with the west. Tax revenues where also brought down so that the state could not protect its resources via its own citizens, forcing the state to privatize. This ensured that when the industries were privatized they would be bought and sold on the world market mainly between wealthy westerners below their real value. All these pressures came from corporations, the World Bank and the IMF.

Economic hitmen come into play when the IMF or the World Bank are looking for a “favor” later. Much like the mafia, except on a very large level with governments and countries, and in a much more professional manner. The economic hitmen will identify a country that has resources the corporations covet, like oil. A huge loan will then be arranged from the World Bank or one of its sister organizations.

The problem is the money never actually goes to the developing country, instead it goes to the IMF or World Banks own corporations to build big infrastructure projects within that country. All of the money benefit’s a few elite within that developing country as well as the corporations, but does not help the rest of the population who are very poor. The people however are left holding a huge debt that they cannot possibly pay back. In the process of trying to pay back the debt, the country creates a situation where they cannot afford good health programs or educational programs. The economic hitmen then go back in and say “listen you owe us a lot of money, you cant pay your debts so how about you now sell us your natural resources real cheap, or help out in a future war or occupation, or vote with us on the next critical United Nations vote?”

In that way this corporate empire has been created because in fact the elite are the ones writing the laws. The IMF is controlled, the World Bank is controlled and the United Nations is controlled, yet economic hitmen are not illegal. Putting countries in huge debt and then demanding favors in return is not illegal.

Sometimes economic hitmen fail to corrupt leaders of other countries. It doesn’t often happen but when it does the guerilla units are set up and sent in, these are the people who overthrow governments or assassinate their leaders, such was the case with Omar Torrijos in Panama and Jaime Roldós in Ecuador back in the 1980’s. The final solution is sending in the military when all else fails. Which was proven with Sadam Hussein when he threatened to sell oil in a currency other than dollars. He was taken out, and America established a military compound in Iraq bigger than the Vatican. After looking at the size of the bases in Iraq and the contracts to build, it looks like a permanent occupation more than a temporary rebuilding.

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The loans and the money from the World Bank is seldom kept within the developing country that has resources. It is often sent to off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands, The Isle of Jersey or the U.S. Virgin Islands, all to evade taxes. There is an estimated 11 trillion dollars in private holdings in off shore accounts with no paper trail back to the original investor. In resource rich countries within Africa it is estimated for every dollar in aid sent, there is ten dollars that leaves the country going to an off shore account.

With the raping of the third world and all the planets resources for that matter, the day is coming when this will end. This system in place solely for the benefit of the few and it cannot sustain itself, all the front companies set up to reap the financial success are folding and going bankrupt one by one, day by day. The empire is being exposed from every angle, from every aspect of their political and economic structure. The power will soon be restored back to the planet and all of her life forms, from endangered species to humans living in developing countries. The transformation and evolution of the planet is at hand, taking place as we speak, sit back and enjoy the ride. Truth and communication is setting us free, we all have our own role to play.


Andre H. Paris

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