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flwhrtWe have come to a time of great intensity here on planet Earth. The energies of Love and Fear/Light and Dark have increased drastically and are creating quite the experience for us right now. I’ve come across many people who hold truth in their heart and the desire to help their brothers and sisters of humanity, out of pure and unconditional love. I’m writing this post to empower the souls that may need a little boost of love energy, the ones who allow the darkness to overpower their heart and the ones who do not yet fully believe in the power that they possess. For the ones who don’t necessarily need it, well, you can take this as another brick in your solid foundation of love.

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A lot of us are standing out right now, being heard, being seen and trying to make change for the better. We feel the need to assist other souls through expressing our love and light energy via truth vibrations. We see the world in a different light than others who may not see it or understand it as of yet. We think differently, we act differently, we feel differently and we desire differently than souls who are currently unconscious. We have come here as a family of light, the “Wayshowers” as some call it. We are different and many people either condemn or criticize our thoughts, our actions and our desires. People will say to you something along the lines of this, “That doesn’t fit into our box, your crazy.” Your reply to them should be this, “I’m not in a box so don’t try to put me in one.”.

This is my message to the Wayshowers. You hold a power and light within your heart that is unfathomable by most. You have overcome the mind-control of the collective consciousness and you have stepped outside of the herd mentality of the masses. That alone takes great courage and strength in itself. I want to help you empower yourself even more. Do not be afraid and keep yourself in the illusion that you are weak and powerless any longer. Many of us attach to the outcomes and reactions of other people’s thoughts when we express truth and knowledge from our hearts. We feel that they are our loved ones and it hurts us for them to not understand us or to understand what you see of the world. Try to look at it like this. We are all souls, we are all brothers and sisters and one bretherin of humanity. If your family and friends choose not to listen or change, keep speaking your truth and eventually there will be people that do. Your family and circle of friends are no different than any other souls on this planet, we need to learn to love all unconditionally and it will help with the detachment of the emotional attachment that we have taken on through the family structure. No matter what ANYONE says from this point on, do not let it penetrate your state of being. Detach from negativity and low vibrational energy. People will find anything they can to send you hate, degrade you or put you down because of the fear of truth and change that they hold within themselves. Do not bury your heart any longer underneath the darkness. Your love is far more powerful. Souls who degrade and abuse others are the most disconnected and deeply hurting souls and they need to be shown great love and compassion. A soul who is truly connected within the trinity of consciousness and has merged the circuit between their higher and lower self, would never think of harming or abusing another soul because they understand that it is a part of itself. There are Wayshowers all across the globe, universal galactic neighbours who are assisting to the best of their abilities and the energy on Earth right now is like never before. Embrace the light and love, continue to overcome your fears and heal yourself and shine for the world with no fear of your own power or anyone else’s reaction. You know what you see, you know what you feel and you know yourself better than anyone else on this planet. Allow no one to ever define who you are through their thoughts. You are your own beautiful, individual creation and no one can take that away from you, unless you allow them to manipulate your thoughts and hold yourself in an illusionary belief of who you are. Be different, think different, stay true to yourself, follow your heart, stand strong, walk with confidence, hold your head high, speak loudly and proudly, wear your heart on your sleeve protected with a shield that no man can penetrate and most importantly, in the words of Socrates, “Know Thyself”. One Love to you.

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