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britainBritain is experiencing one of its coldest winters they have had in the last 100 years. The cold temperatures, snow and ice has put a halt on much of Britain’s transportation networks which is keeping many in their homes and schools shut down.

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Along with the closure of schools, airports were closed and bus services in major towns were completely shut down while motorists were bumper to bumper for miles. There is a worry that it will greatly hurt their economy as many are unable to show up to work.

The weather doesn’t appear to be calming all that quickly either, as the next five days show more cold temperatures and snow.

Miami, Florida has also been experiencing its coldest weather in a decade as temperatures have dropped to near zero Celsius, well below the average for this time of year. Forecasts show temperatures to drop further later in the week.

India, Northern China and South Korea are all experiencing very harsh, well below average temperatures with heavy snowfall as well.

In other news, Global Warming is a serious threat to the planet and if we do not act quickly we will probably all die… I think, or maybe that’s just what Al Gore is saying.

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