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girls-bored-class-031207-240x312I’m sure that many of us, especially the younger generation have heard the following from elders. “Stop day dreaming, you can’t change anything just accept the way things are, go back to school or work, get a grip on reality and GROW UP!”. Now, I’d like to share my thoughts on this subject because I’ve personally been encountered by these very thoughts from others. I actually see it to be comical when people stifle ones dreams of a different world or say “grow up” because I find that humanity as a collective is all in all an immature race. Why is it that people think growing up is becoming part of a system and society that, in my opinion, is immature, selfish, greedy, apathetic, fearful and created by a race on the verge of destructing itself. I am not intending for this message to be a bashing of our race. I have deep love and compassion for my brothers and sisters but it’s time for us to admit our ways, to see this reality for what it is and to move on, to evolve. We need to take full responsibility for our actions. There are people starving all across the globe, people homeless, people dying of disease, people dying of war, hatred for one another, selfishness and greed in regards to acquiring money and material things, battles for status and class and the list goes on.

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Some of my best ideas and thoughts and epiphanies have come from times when I was bored sitting in class and bored at places where I’ve worked.  It’s no wonder that the majority of young children do not want to participate in the school and work systems. Look at where it has gotten us as a race. Why are we being forced to conform to the ways of the past? Our society is not working anymore. More people are sick than ever, more people are homeless than ever, more people are starving than ever, people are STILL dying from war, more people are selfish and greedy than ever, and our disconnection from one another is like never before. Do people not find it weird and ridiculous that humans fear to even make eye contact with one another? And if we do, it’s most often regarded as a threat. Are we that insecure of ourselves? I understand that the majority of our elders have been programmed and conditioned with a tunnel vision that does not allow them to see what the younger souls and generations may see of the world but it does not mean that they cannot change their way of thinking, or at least try to. It’s time to open our eyes and see what the youth are trying to tell us. Instead of condemning, why don’t we try to understand and listen to what they have to say.

HUMANITY needs to grow up and change our ways together as a collective. Growing up is not living in conformity with a system that is crumbling before us. Growing up is changing the way we live for the better, evolving in every aspect of our lives. As each one of us steps outside of a box and belief that we have imposed on ourselves as a collective, it will allow others to do the same. We are afraid of the unknown, afraid to change because we fear there is no other way. I think it’s time to grow up and move on from all the fears that we hold within. There are ones who have come to teach ways of a new world.  A world of peace, love, honour and celebration and harmony between one another as humans, all other kingdoms of life and our planet, our Mother Earth. Keep your dreams alive and fear not what people say. Do not conform to the conditioning and system and ways of the past, conform to the love in your heart and manifest your dreams of a better world. Love is far more powerful than fear. Stay true to yourself and share with others your thoughts and dreams and in turn we will all learn to grow up, together. A Collective Evolution. One Love.

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