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Art credit: Willow Arlenea

There is a lot being said about the “new age” and the push for oneness and love. It is time to dispel the lies and misconception. There is no hidden symbolism, the UN is trying to connect their new world order agenda with what has been labeled a “new age spirituality”

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The only symbolism being used is that of the Freemasons who have adopted the coming of a “new age” or the “dawn of a new day” as their own. There will be many false prophets in the days ahead as well as many false beliefs and religions that will spring up. The “new age” label appeals to the elite and the NWO because of the love and oneness that is preached, do not be fooled. Humanity is in desperate need of love, connection to the earth and a sense of belonging within the universe. The powers that be will try and exploit that natural human need for their own benefit.

Baal worship or sun worship is one of the oldest religions on earth. Many equate the “new age” movement with sun worship because the importance of the sun in sustaining life, and the energy it emits is acknowledged. However the sun is not being worshipped as a god, the sun is not symbolic of Lucifer the light bearer as some Christians claim, there is no worship going on at all. There is no secret knowledge about the sun, there is only acknowledgment and respect that the sun helps sustain life and emits energy in the form of light which is love.

Meditation is used as a way of quieting ones mind and used as a tool for ascension. Once one looks within and cleans themselves out, and begins to love themselves and finally sees their imperfections as rightfully perfect, a letting go occurs. Only when one steps out of the crowd does one realize how connected they are to the crowd and belong to everyone and everything. The ascended masters that are spoken of are not demons or spirits, the ascended master is you. Your soul, your mirror, your higher self, or super subconscious speaks to you through your heart, literally, that is why you get gut feelings and usually your gut is always right.

A picture has been painted of a new age hippy flower child successor sitting on a mountain meditating until some secret spirit appears before them and speaks to them telling them all kinds of secret knowledge about themselves and humanity? Sorry to say it just doesn’t work like that, once one is in tune with themselves they are able to discern what their higher self wants them to do for the greater good of their own development. Our mind and ego are often telling us what we think we should do. However if you don’t follow your heart, what you mind wants you to do usually winds up as a good life lesson. A ghost doesn’t appear and all of a sudden and tell you where to go and how to become enlightened.

The powers that be are trying to relate theosophy to the “new age” movement. Theosophy is a doctrine of religious philosophy and metaphysics. Theosophy holds that all religions are attempts by the “Spiritual Hierarchy” to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth. Theosophy is essentially a modern version of Gnosticism. They state that the first thinking human beings on Earth came from highly intelligent spiritual entities from superior spheres. The word theosophy came from a compound Greek word: theos, a “divine being,” a “god”; sophia, “wisdom”; hence divine wisdom. There is no divine wisdom to be given by anyone other than yourself and there is no hierarchy.

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The plan of the elite, the Illuminati, the corporations, and the UN is to unite humanity under a one world government, a one world monetary system, and a one world religion headed by Maitreya, who is the man they say will unite all of humanity. Those in power have used the “new age” as a tool for deception.

Mother Gaia worship and green technologies have all to do with a globalized tax agenda in the eyes of the UN. Those that have found truth realize that going back to local farming and commerce, living sustainable, and using clean energy is the most responsible way to live and show nature and her ecosystems respect. Nature sustains and supports all life on this planet, we are becoming aware of our impact on the planet is all. We are not worshipping the earth or Mother Gaia, simply respecting the earth.

This supposed “new age movement” or “spirituality” is not supported by those who seek true enlightenment and are working towards 5th dimensional reality. They do not support this deception nor do they promote it. The plan of the universe is for humanity to move back toward the center, reconnect or remember our connection with our planet as well as our universe so we are able to create a reality based on a foundation of only love, no more negativity or fear based paradigm.

There is much misunderstanding as we continue to evolve individually and as a planet. There is no movement, there is no new spirituality, there is no new age. There is no one trying to save you or convert you to anything within this process of conscious awareness that has now been labeled a “religion.”

All there is, is you and a choice. All of the words that are being used to describe what is going on today are nothing more than one mans thoughts. Therefore I do not define what is happening as a “new age movement”, if anything it is a reconnection with the planet or a remembering of who and what we really are. Which in turn is forcing all of us to become responsible for all our actions. One word cannot label what is going on because there is so much evolution happening on so many levels so fast. From the food we eat (organic/raw food movement) to the impact we have on our environment (sustainable energy/living movement) to our spending habits (economic melt down).

As we move back towards our center we become aware of the power we hold, the light, the energy, the potential, the creator, and the love that we have always been. “The game is not to look out there and find out what you want to be, the game is to look inside and remember all that you already are, then the world becomes yours.”

Do not be deceived by a coming savior who will claim love, enlightenment and peace and security for all, its is only a tool for further enslavement of humanity. We must not look to follow, we must all look to lead, follow your own heart it will guide you to the truth you seek.


Andre H. Paris

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