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Here’s a quick one… They always say “Follow the money”…

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Weeks before September 11, 2001, several large companies made investments based on the stock value of 2 international airline companies. Those airline companies happen to be American Airlines and United Airlines, both were the planes allegedly involved in the 9/11 explosions on the WTC. So what were those investments? And by whom?

“Put” options (a bet that the stock will loose value) were put on the AA, an UA stocks through the Deutsche Bank, by the following corporations :

Deustche Bank A.B

Merill Lynch / HSBC

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

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Bank of America


Lehman Brothers

General Motors


All of which made significant profits off the 9/11 event. Seemingly known ahead of time.

Also at that time, the head of Deustche Bank, was Buzzy Krongard, the ex chief executive for the CIA. Hmmmm

Just follow the paper trail…


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