The Illuminati Doesn’t Exist? Here’s Evidence They Do

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Many of us believe the Illuminati is a made up conspiracy theory and this collective group of individuals who are running the world doesn’t exist. The fact is, they do whether we like it or not and they have existed for thousands of years. This video talks a bit about George Washington and how made it public knowledge that he was aware of the Illuminati. He knew they were a serious group of criminals who needed to be stopped.


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  1. When you become a member of the illuminati, all your heart desires will be giving to you, you will become rich to the extent you can no longer control your wealth. There are no sacrifices because illuminati does not share blood. The only thing illuminati needs from you is commitment to brotherhood

  2. Cain

    A Few Bullet Points

    – Since the very beginning if humanity, like all animals, there has been a hierarchy, an Alfa male, a leader of the pack.
    – As human evolved, the more powerful we’re given titles.
    – As we began to speculate as to where we come from and due to our lack of understanding, we created gods.
    – As we all believed in different gods, throughout the world and all of its ages, we fought for what we believed in.
    – Professors in Bavaria were the first to challenge the bible and we’re dubbed the illuminati. The Catholic Church created a story that they were the blood descendants of the devil and declared war on them.
    – Years later ‘The Illuminati’ disbanded and never challenged the church again.
    – Now due to humanity having access to more information, evidence and fact, the bible has come into question again.
    – The church has again dubbed these people ‘The Illuminati’, putting fear into believers and money into pockets.

    If you believe The Illuminati are a group of people who control the world, through war, greed, power, control… Then you are right, but they’re know commonly as bankers and the government.

  3. mattthias eichner

    anyone who is informed about history will know that the Illuminati was created by Mayer Amschel Rothschild in 1773, appointing Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria as it’s first official leader in 1776. but these things rarely occur in a vacuum. The aspirations of world conquest can be traced as far back as the beginning of civilization itself by various groups and individuals. although seemingly unrelated there is a common thread that emerges, including events such as the beginnings of the iconic global banking empire of the Knights Templar c.1119–1312, the forming of the Jesuit Order in 1540 to propagate the influence and dominance of the Imperial Roman Church, and many other such highlights of history. So there really is nothing new under the sun. the only limiting factor in the past has been the technology of the day and logistical issues concerning speed and breadth of communication, transportation, political influence, economic dominance, etc. that put this latest global enterprise to conquer the world in a league of it’s own. The economic might of this empire has been estimated to exceed $900 Trillion, more than 10 times that of the GNP of the U.S.A. Just think of the stuff you could do with that kind of money. if you are thinking along the lines of consolidating all corporations in to one great global corp., buying up and monopolizing all mainstream media, educational institutions and gaining unlimited political influence around the world, you are on the right track.

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