The Illuminati Doesn’t Exist? Here’s Evidence They Do

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Many of us believe the Illuminati is a made up conspiracy theory and this collective group of individuals who are running the world doesn’t exist. The fact is, they do whether we like it or not and they have existed for thousands of years. This video talks a bit about George Washington and how made it public knowledge that he was aware of the Illuminati. He knew they were a serious group of criminals who needed to be stopped.


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  1. Alanna

    So, I have seen “A Scanner Darkly” and noticed the illuminati symbol on the t-shirt and other places, and it made me think ‘What the hell? Why would they just put this out in the open for everyone to see?’ Of course I realize that half the people that are watching the movie don’t even have a clue anyways so they don’t bother thinking too much about it. But for those of us who do get it, don’t they fear us, don’t they know that we understand this symbolism, and they are just making it that much more obvious by putting it in movies?? i just don’t get it!! Anyone have an answer to this?

    Peace and Love,
    Alanna :)

    • mouheb

      i thought about it too much and the only reasonable answer i could get is that they purposely do it so we realize that they control not only politics but also, movies we watch , cartoons , songs , the media ..;just everything therefore we give up and admit their rule over the world

    • Midge

      Their motto….hidden in plain sight

    • If been wondering the same ting for a while. An interesting “conspiracy Theory” of sort on them (my friend told me about) is that they are starting to gain more of an ego, he believes that this ego comes from there belief of a newly evident unlimited power that they posses. (they of course being the illuminati). Now, how are are a belief of unlimited power, ego, and the recent more obvious symbols they’ve been showing linked? He says, they are preparing us. There prepping the ones that don’t posses the understand that me and you hold of there “work”, for slavery. Now, not real and all out chains and whips slavery but, slavery of the mind. They are slowly infiltrating the subconscious of the weak(or just the average individual) and preparing said individuals for there full mind take over. Just a theory of a friends but, It freaked me out enough to research it more. After my research, and with all of the signs in the media: all of the nearly satanic influences that creep through the screen and ink all around us, I wouldn’t doubt it.

    • what t shirt are you talking about? a scanner darkly – is that the semi animated feature film with keannu reeves?

    • I believe by “revealing” certain aspects of this very complex situation, they try to put people “at ease”. Bottom line, they are not hiding anything from any one.


    • no name

      The Iluminati are real. They were a group of scientist in the brink of major knowledge who formed the group “the iluminated” as in acquiring knowledge. The symbolism have been used for millennia yes, is a way of conveying a deeper message. Having the knowledge of how the mind works and how they can be programmed, Cause separatism is taught. Differentiate and making it relevant, to abhor what is different from ones own reality. “divide and conquer” is the perfect military strategy, perfect for those who apply it to those who are unaware and ignorant about those same things. Programming requires the cessation of questioning, to kill the curious mind, because if one starts making questions, will realize that so much has been done to be kept a good drone who as to consume, memorize and not question. Obey message. So division as been created, through color, religion, cast, frontiers you name it, the list as grown to ridiculous proportions., when the simple truth is that from space the earth is one, there are no borders, no visible lines on the ground.And people argue and fight about these differences, that are just natural phenomenons and relevant experiences… as i can observe from the comments up here, do they exist or not??!!1.. of course they do. They are a bunch of psychopathic people (psychopathic- person with lack of empathy and driven by desire of material power. Cause thats all there is for them.) the seed of discordant was planted, and they the programming continues (symbols are examples) and as a normal process of understanding and lack of communication people argue, because they have been programmed ti fear anything that is different from the set norm…its all cognitive…make the. God was a concept to dived too, (i ain’t saying there aren’t powerful forces that we still don’t understand) but he idea that a divine is up there or out there, stops one from believing in ones self, cuts the introspection, cuts from the reality. Put fear into people, let them argue and fight among themselves, give them misinformation and in the meantime, all the “shit” is being done in the background.. this is what these people who are commonly know as “Illuminati”. The beast is corporation who as no regards but the figures, the numbers, completely disregarding human necessity. its a number machine.. but there would be no many making machine without consumers, so program… if people adopted a no consumerism attitude, many many corporations would suffer a major blow.. and forget governments, these are just puppets, after all they are all sponsored by corporations….We are what We make. We make the buys, We pull the triggers, We make our reality.. and while we all keep arguing and wanting to fight, nothing will ever change and the people who gain from all this discordance, will keep profiting.. If something makes no sense for the common good, they why accept it blindly and adopt it? …

      • I feel sorry for those that do not read this and at least have an open mind to the thought that there could be something more out there than the narrow minded views that you have been brought up believing.

      • Michael

        I feel bad for anyone that actually read this.

      • alisha

        I could not have said it any better my friend!

    • To answer the first post Alanna as to why the occult symbolism is more open in in our face,it’s called the “Externaliztion of the Hierarchy”.To those who don’t believe in the NWO and globalism are indoctrinated P.C automatons,sheep.


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