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pharmcornEverything that we consume affects the body in some way whether it is positive or negative. Our body is affected because it is energy and what we consume is energy. The body requires consumption of energy to break down or use the energy that it is consuming. Further, the body’s natural flow of energy and harmony can be offset by what we consume.

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Understanding this, we can begin to discover many things about food and medicine. Food at its most natural, uncooked and unprocessed state still contains a high vibrational structure as well as a high enzyme content. The minute we begin to cook food whether it be fruits, veggies or any bean, wheat, grain etc, we change the molecular structure of the food. This in turn creates a change in how it will affect our bodies.

Our body’s health is a direct result of what we put into our body. It is no wonder we are a sick, disease ridden population when we see we are eating many cooked foods and consuming things like GMO fruits and veggies, chemical based medicines, fluorides and vaccines, all which offset our body’s harmony and are completely unnecessary.

Our body’s flow of energy can been seen and assessed by taking an image of our meridian network. This network can show and reveal many of the issues we have within the body and why they are occurring. Generally, when we witness a blockage in the flow of our life energy, we find health or physical problems. When these blockages are released, the body performs closer to its natural state once again.

Once our body’s vibration and PH level returns back to where it is supposed to be, we are immune to sickness and DIS EASE.

Unsurprisingly, when understanding there is an Elite controlling our world, its not shocking to find out the frequency range of most of the consumables and things we use lies within a frequency range that will keep the body resonating at a point that keeps the potential open for diseases and also to maintain our unconscious state and disconnection from our higher awareness.

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So, why are we seeing a massive increase in GMO products including the implementation of Codex Alimentarius? Simple, they can make the food do whatever they want to us. This is the same for all medications we take and of course the most useless, VACCINES.

For those of us who haven’t heard of Codex Alimentarius or think it’s some “conspiracy theory,” here is a tiny bit of info I think it’s obvious and goes without saying that with the track record of the World Health Organization and The United Nations we know this is NOT in our best interests one bit.

I’ll end off with a couple tips on maintaining a healthy body and mind. Many people are going to say “I eat cooked stuff and meat all the time and I have no problems.” You may very well have no problems, but it’s more than likely you eventually will. 95% of our health problems are related to 5 things: white sugar, white flour, milk, meat and salt. Not to mention taking care of the body will eliminate most non serious problems like colds, small stomach viruses, headaches, body pain and fatigue etc.

Avoiding those 5 mentioned above combined with trying to eat as much raw and organic food as possible will be a great start. Cutting out meat and other dead foods helps as well. When you do get sick or a headache, don’t jump to the medication right away, it does more harm than good and our body has everything it needs to fight off issues to begin with. Also check the archives of the Health section for more info on eating well.


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