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comps teleIn today’s world having a mid life crisis, nervous break downs and high blood pressure are all a part of life. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the divorce rate is 50% and why there are so many problems in the home? From stressed out children on Ritalin, to taking the family pet to a psychiatrist. All these examples seem to be common place within 21st century western societies.

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There are many reasons why people feel overwhelmed with technologies, and have an unwilling feeling of being connected to the system 24 hours a day. As recent as 15 years ago no one was as dependent on their cell phone or laptop as they are today. Many people claim they feel naked without their phone, and find it hard to imagine getting through a day without it.

24 hour accessibility is an important tool for keeping the peasants over worked, stressed out and distracted from the family unit. Citizens feeling dependent on a system is exactly what the people in power want. When you cant escape work for fear of losing your job or a potential promotion to a fellow employee, you have no choice but to stay connected via the internet or your smart phone. All of this is keeping one focused on their annual income instead of nurturing and caring for their family.

When the heads of family are focused on deadlines and bill payments that leaves the state to mold the children or the child themselves to potentially get into some trouble. The system in which a person is taught to work hard and eventually free themselves of is doing nothing but disrupting their personal life and keeping them distracted 24 hours a day.

For children and many adults there is also the entertainment side of technology. PS3, Blackberry’s, iphone’s and laptops are all a must have. The video game industry is a billion dollar industry that makes more than Hollywood. Gamers come in all ages and sizes, male and female. This form of entertainment does nothing but separate people from each other and the beauty of life and nature. Have you ever noticed when you drive around your neighborhood there are so few people outside doing anything? What you often find is a dull blue glow emanating from a household window. When people are wrapped up in a material world and their escape is a virtual reality or a second life or an avatar, their direct connection to the universe and a feeling of purpose is lost.

In business and personal communication it now seems that everyone is turning to electronics, from email to Facebook or twittering. Cell phone texting has now replaced calling someone on your mobile. One would think it would be easier to call someone via a cell phone or land line in order to give someone a message. It is faster to speak than to text or type a message is it not? Many ponder and try to understand all the internet and text lingo and grammatical short cuts. All the lol, btw, gtg, ntm, plz are short and fast yes, but what is this new dependence on technology really doing to our consciousness?

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The power of the spoken word is something many take for granted, and may not even know the influence words have on creating their reality. Think it, say it, do it, comes to mind when wanting to attain something, but what happens when you cannot say it? If one is not able to articulate their words and has a limited vocabulary how are they supposed to manifest the reality they truly want?

Spending 24 hours a day on your smart phone or laptop staying in contact with work, then on your down time spending hours playing video games or watching movies or on social networking websites is not healthy. There is nothing in the world today that was designed by accident. Computers and telecommunications all have a purpose of dumbing down society and keeping people focused on a 3D illusion, all in the name of convenience. Over worked with a dysfunctional family makes life feel more like a struggle to survive than a beautiful experience. Creating a society bound within a prison that seemingly has no bars is the perfect way to keep an global mechanized agenda progressing.

Not to mention all the radiation and health risks cell phones and wireless internet pose. We have now officially become human guinea pigs, no one really knows the long term implications all our modern technologies will have on our health.

When one is aware of the true intentions of these technologies they are able to use them in moderation for their benefit. Our society’s obsession with technological advancements will slow as we begin to realize that our families health and sustainable living must come first or we simply will not survive.

The world that has been pulled over humanities eyes is nothing but a mechanized system of deception designed to keep us as human beings disconnected from one another, nature and the universe. A change is coming and while most are on the systems treadmill chasing the carrot of material opulence, they are becoming tired of chasing an illusion and realizing it is time to get off and see the real world for what it really is. Beautiful.

At the same time, thanks to the power of the internet and social networking sites the truth movement cannot be stopped. The very communication system that was created and designed to further enslave humanity is what will set us free. Communication and word of mouth is our weapon, the power of the people cannot be stopped, the common good is forever. Knowledge is power, power is truth, all it takes to stop this agenda is non-compliance through non violence. If we all say no and walk away, then what happens? We the people have the power, it is us the masses that are funding and empowering the very system we all dislike and feel is so wrong. Empower yourself.


Andre H. Paris

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