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hathorWe spoke on December 2nd of 2009 about an influx of energy we referred to as the shockwave coming to our planet. The article was called “The First Big Hit” and it had to do with a Hathor’s message channeled by Tom Kenyon which can be seen here.

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The channeling outlined that within a 90 day period (Oct 8th 09 – Jan 8th 10) we would be experiencing a pretty powerful influx of energy on the planet coming to skew up some low vibrating and dense energies to make way for more shifting in consciousness. The Hathor’s mentioned:

“…this Chaotic Node, we believe that it will present itself in multiple ways, involving international finance, challenges to physical and mental health, planetary earth changes, including earthquake and volcanic activity, and increased weather anomalies. All of these events will strain the resources that your governments have to cope with such things.”

In the period of about a week or so, we saw all of these events happen at once and they all occurred around Jan 8th.

We had written an article covering the increased weather anomalies that were taking place in Europe, Asia, Britain and North America all at the exact same time. We were seeing record cold temperatures and extreme snow conditions, all of which were completely uncharacteristic of the areas in which they occurred. What is more interesting is the areas were having much difficulty with the resources their governments had in dealing with these issues. Many areas feared and were running out of gas as well as having their electricity pushed to max capacity to heat homes. They were unable to clear and prepare for the weather which kept many people from working and even caused hundreds of deaths in some areas. Local economies suffered as citizens were unable to travel and get to work.

On Jan 9th California experienced a 6.5 magnitude earthquake causing some damage and fears that a Tsunami could have been created. Just days later on Jan 12th, Haiti experienced a 7.0 magnitude quake causing deaths in the thousands and affected, in some way, an estimated 3 million people. The earthquake in Haiti was the strongest in over 200 years there. Much damage was caused to the buildings, putting many people out of homes.

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International finance is continuing to receive the beating as job loss continues, growth is little to none, (other than whats manipulated in indices) and the USD is continuing to lose ground and stumble. Timothy Geithner’s cover up has been blown open which proved he played a part in AIG’s slow disclosure of information before bailouts. Economists have now come to terms and made it publically known that “we will see a collapse again by the end of 2010 or early 2011.” A lot is continuing to come to light and changing in our corrupt economic system that is headed down the tubes.

In terms of mental and physical health issues, aside from the injuries and health related problems that we have seen with the earthquakes, this one will have to be answered on an individual experience level. Are you noticing a lot more people with health issues? People who are at the end of their wits, frustrated with the way things are and are not sure why? This seems to be the increasing trend and the world spins closer and closer to what we call the “collapse.”

This initial wave will not be the last. We can expect more of these “chaotic nodes” to come as we continue on our journey as a planet in shift. I do not want this article to create an idea that predictions can always be accurately made, because they can’t. Time lines change every second and it is very difficult to set expectations on anything. Be open with what you hear from channelings and predictions, they can go either way. It is also common for denser entities to mislead the person channeling as well.

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