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love-not-hateThis article is great. After reading it, it opened my eyes to see how every aspect of our society is truly undergoing a shift in consciousness. This shows how one government chose loyalty to a “pact” made with other nations but feared to speak their truth in regards to their view on the matter. Some of us, not all, may think that our government officials are strong and know what they’re doing most of the time. We tend to put so much trust into them but this is proof that they live in much fear of being true to the laws and rights of human freedom. But who or what are they afraid of? Hmmm…Good old fear, always allowing unjust things to take place…

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Article Statements and My Comments:

“The inquiry was launched after foreign ministry memos were leaked that cast doubt on the legal basis for the war.

Interesting speculation…

“The Netherlands gave political support to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but had no military role. The report demolishes the Dutch case for supporting the invasion, says the BBC’s Europe correspondent Jonny Dymond.”

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Before any judgement is made here, read the full story…

“Political loyalty: Mr Balkenende decided to join the “coalition of the willing” assembled by US President George W Bush because, he said, Saddam Hussein had consistently flouted UN resolutions and possessed weapons of mass destruction. The Dutch parliament opposed the decision to back the invasion. Committee chairman, Willibrord Davids, said the Netherlands’ loyalty to its alliance with the US and UK had taken precedence over the need to ensure the legality of the invasion.”

Now, this is a HUGE deal to me because it contradicts the very foundations of society across the globe. The Dutch at first supported the invasion of Iraq to show it’s loyalty to it’s family nations, but at the same time knew that the invasion was not necessarily legal. The Dutch really need to stand up and speak their truth in regards to the activities of what’s going on in worldly issues. Especially one as serious as an invasion of a foreign country. I personally have friends who have been incarcerated due to acts they have committed that are deemed “illegal” but they did it out of loyalty to a pact they had made with friends in which are referred to as “family” in the streets. Why is it that the governments, who are possibly committing these illegal acts of war with other countries, have the right to incarcerate individuals who break the laws that they have made, but don’t abide by them themselves? It’s completely contradictory and unjust if you ask me. It seems as though our governments are no different than the gangs in the streets that so many of us tend to look down upon. I think it’s time for an overhaul of the “justice system”.

There have been over 100,000 innocent civilian deaths since the invasion of Iraq began. Many families have suffered on both ends of the war. There has been countless soldiers standing up and speaking out about the injustice taking place as well as Iraqi natives crying out for peace. It is obvious that the Dutch may have made some contradictory moves themselves but we have to understand that people make mistakes. They have clearly recognized this but now are moving toward the direction of speaking their truth. This is a great indication that we are raising our consciousness as a collective and becoming more aware of how our past actions have lead us on a path of change. Our former ways have served humanity greatly, we can learn from them and move on. Move towards a brighter future where truth and love reign.

The following video really hit home for me when I watched it. I’ve gone my whole life not supporting war and thinking that the actions of the troops and governments were stupid. I still do not personally condone the act of war and killing another fellow human, but I do not lay judgement on those who have done so. I believe that we can change our ways to bring peace on this planet by means of not picking up a gun. I am telling you now that I have come to realize that the troops are where they are at for a reason and are doing what they need to be doing in this lifetime and that we can learn greatly from our wars. We must show love and compassion for all casualties of war across the world, whether they be soldiers or innocent civilians, for they are deeply hurting by experiencing and witnessing the truth as to how far into the darkness we have gone as a race. My heart goes out to all. We must learn and grow in order to make peace on this planet. Step by step, together we are evolving everyday. A Collective Evolution.

In Love and Light,


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