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Swine-Flu1I think that many of us have contemplated whether or not the severity of the so called “swine flu pandemic” was as bad as our governments and media were portraying it to be. It even came to the point where Obama declared it a national emergency in the United States. What happened to this pandemic? It’s almost as though it’s already been lost and forgotten. Doesn’t it seem like it died very quickly? I don’t know about you but it seems very strange to me that one day it can be called a global pandemic and a very short time after it’s a quiet situation. Could something be going on behind the scenes that they aren’t telling us about or don’t necessarily want us to know? It’s absolutely possible…

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Article Statements and My Comments:

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) is to review its handling of the HIN1 swine flu pandemic, once it is over.”

Now, they’re saying “once it’s over”. If this pandemic is still happening why aren’t we hearing about it? Here in Canada they’ve halted vaccinations for the virus in many regions. Especially after it was proven that some of the batches were contaminated. Our health officials were told to stop vaccinating people and that they would be shipped new batches. Those new batches still have yet to come. If it’s a pandemic why aren’t they trying to vaccinate people? With that question I want you to understand that by no means do I support the idea of vaccinations being beneficial to maintaining good health and a strong immune system.  I’m just curious as to how they are justifying the fact that we are still in the midst of a pandemic.

“The WHO has been facing charges from some European politicians that it exaggerated the dangers of swine flu.”

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It doesn’t surprise me that charges are being laid. I completely agree with these politicians who are taking these actions.

“More than 12,700 people worldwide have died from H1N1 – but the virus has turned out to less deadly than feared.”

This statement right here COMPLETELY contradicts them saying that the H1N1 outbreak is a pandemic. Worldwide deaths have accumulated to approximately 13,000 due to the virus. In the Unite States alone, seasonal flu deaths have ranged from 17,000 to 52,000 annually, within the last 20 years. Considering the amount of fear that was induced among the masses, seeing it from personal family and friends, I can definitely say that it has been less deadly than feared. We should be asking ourselves. Why was there so much fear surrounding it? Was this fear mongering purposely done? If so, why? Why would they want us to be fearful…?

“As a result wealthy countries spent billions on medicines which many believe are now unnecessary. Across Europe, governments are trying to resell their stockpiles of swine flu vaccine.”

Resell their stockpiles? Who are they going to sell them to and what are they going to do with them? What if they don’t sell them? Are they going to be thrown out? That would be extremely hazardous and harmful to the environment.

“The Council of Europe is planning an investigation, to begin later this month, into whether pharmaceutical companies influenced public health officials to spend money unnecessarily.”

This is interesting.  Possibly a lie in order to gain profit from the sale of vaccines? Hmmm…

“In Geneva, a WHO spokeswoman acknowledged there were questions to be answered. She said the the review of its management of the pandemic would be conducted with independent experts, and the results would be made public. However, the review will not begin until the pandemic itself is declared over – and that could still be months away.”

So who declares when this “pandemic” is over? If the people who declared it to be a pandemic are possibly lying about the severity of this issue and also doing it for gain of profits, why would they declare it to be over so that they can be reviewed and possibly charged? That doesn’t make any sense to me…

Keep your eyes and ears open my brothers and sisters. Truth is out there. Truth will set you free…

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In Love and Light,


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