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sadness_gaiaAll types of information based vibratory energies of emotional, physical, economic and social follow the course of expansion and progression. There is common knowledge of natural formation and central methods of transformation and ascension from form to energy, fear to love, and darkness to light. The timing of these changes will continue to be determined by the integrity of consciousness on three levels, the expression of existence, spirit, self and soul.

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These are represented by the families of dark, love and light. There are universal laws of attraction designed as part of your multidimensional being, every being from every family vibrates in the time and space divisions in freedom to gain experiences from existence. In experience there is first a sound tone felt as vibrations coming from the spiritual body entrained to gravitational and magnetic fields of the collective spiritual mental body. These provide vision to see the center of the course, the perfect alignment is necessary for evolution to proceed.

The key that unlocks the doorway must be exact and balanced. When the resonant frequency within the body is reached the energy vortexes carry over to the higher spiritual frequency, vibratory manifestation accelerates. The heart of the universe is vibrating in the highest frequency of light that is harmonizing and opening all attuned harmonics within the electromagnetic physically manifesting universe.

From the world of illusion to the real, the harmonic alignment of the wave form is being reconnected or attuned to the central source. At this time you are given the opportunity to expand your dreams to the level of transformation that becomes absolute reality. Reality becomes what thought creates through focus, attention and intention. Planetary human thought experiences the intensity, and the pinnacle of duality and polarization. Through the ego driven male dominated fear based thought form, and the loving unconditional embrace of feminine thought form a paradigm is created. The feminine has chosen to take a position under the male, up until now, as the universe calls for a rebalance between the two.

The static distortion and corruption that has been created allows for the truth to be easily viewed. On one level the resonant frequencies will increase in intensity to a point of climactic acceleration that opens the singularity of evolutionary translation. On the lower levels friction and decay could continue to diminish the level of energy within existing structures creating a loss of vibration and deterioration of forms into disease and death.

The splitting of the polarities is designed in this matter, the physical reality that is following the old paradigm is affected by an irrevocable intensity where literally half of the population will move into self destruction. The destruction of the old ego self will be a rapid decline of consciousness. It is only the passing of the age into the new era where the fragments of the old era fall off as waste to be recycled.

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Pollution, toxins and poisons that are being dumped into the biosphere are the waste of humanity. In further correspondence there are energies that are being released into the emotional and mental environments. The world is overpopulated by competing energies and there is no longer sustainable nourishment to support their existence. The weak and deficient levels of conscious beings find decaying frequencies an essence, through an imbalanced center where source energy comes in, the connection will be lost and the energy will go out.

The imbalance one sees today is nothing but the planet coming back into balance as the feminine energies of love, light and collective awareness envelope the other half of the earth. The discord is created when a person refuses to embrace the new energy and holds onto the dominating male thought form. Both the male and female are needed in the ascension process and the evolution of the human species. Embrace the loving feminine energies and there will be little friction as you create your new reality thought by thought.

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