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money_falling_from_skyWith a crumbling global economy and everyone really feeling the pressure of paying bills on time, and worrying if they will have a job next week, money is always an issue. People around the world feel as though more money will free them from this 9-5 bondage. However all that you were ever told about money is a lie.

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In today’s world success is measured by the amount of money a person has in their bank. We are taught to go out and work for money, put in our time, work eight hours a day and then over the years after we have enough experience, more money will be bestowed upon us by the boss or some other force. This tangible real paper that allows us to support ourselves is given to us by someone else, after they deem us worthy and responsible enough to have it. Money and finances are the number one cause of divorce today, so why do we give money this much power over our lives? We are taught that we are a failure without it, we worship money and always want more thinking money will buy us our happiness.

The truth about money that no government or job wants you to know is that money does not exist. Money is nothing more than a thought form. Money is a translation of energy and therefore has no real value. It is said that “the love of money is the root of all evil” but in fact money is neither good nor bad, money is impartial. It is the greed and lusts of the ego that is the root of all evil. Money does not grant freedom, the mind grants freedom.

Poverty is restriction and is the greatest injustice one can perpetrate on themselves. “Abundance will never be a factor of how much money one has. Rather it is always a factor of how one feels about the money one does have”. when you take a look at nature you see the abundance that is naturally part of the environment. Therefore in order to avoid abundance and money it must take a constant effort of the mind to reject what is god given.

The difference between a “rich” person and a “poor” person boils down to how they think about money. Those considered successful usually start off as failures until one day they change their mind and decide they deserve the money, not the system. Failure after all is nothing more than an excuse to try again. All of your life you are taught to go out and work for money, when really all you need to do is decide you want money to work for you.

We cannot get through the physical plane without some money, when you begin to view money as nothing more than a spiritual experience, money will begin to come into your life based on nothing but your level of energy. Notice that most people that are considered wealthy or rich have a very high energy level. People want to be around those with high energy, they find value in it. People are willing to pay for value and if you raise your energy high enough that people see value in you, they will pay you for a piece of it.

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Mind your own business, meaning if you have a 9-5 and feel like you are stuck on a treadmill financially living pay check to pay check, think of something you can do that will raise your energy, a service or product with value that you can provide to people.

Money is only perception, billions of dollars in transactions are flying through the air at this very moment from account to account, nothing really exists. Money is confidence, money is energy, money is nothing but signatures and handshakes. Tell yourself you deserve a piece of the pie and direct some of that cash your way. All you need to do is project that thought and it will manifest. Abundance is a natural state, riches do not last. Wealth is defined as the ability to make your assets worth more than your liabilities, that way your bills are always covered and you do not spend your income, your assets support you. Therefore you want to be wealthy not rich. This freedom comes only from the power of your thought.

Status, class, family tree, or environment have nothing to do with having money. We are taught this lie to keep the haves and the have nots separate. Sure people can inherit tones of money or win the lottery but if they have low energy or do not project abundance the money they inherited is usually gone as quick as it came. Money is nothing but a choice, we are all worthy of it. Empower yourself and believe you can have it and you will. When you believe you are the creator and manifest your thoughts, money becomes nothing more than the way you feel.

People with money know all this and keep it as some great secret or knowledge in order to solidify their own security. There is more than enough provided by nature for all to be abundant, feeling abundant and wealthy is supposed to be part of your experience here on earth. You can have whatever you dream, money is only a small part, it is time to take back the power you have given to money. Money works and answers to you, as you are the power and the energy, you are the provider, you come from the light.

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