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i-like-it-rawHey everyone,

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I’d just like to share that after a lot of research into the benefits of eating a Raw Food diet, that I have decided to go for it and do it once and for all. I have made halfhearted attempts over the past few months and have reaped the benefits of even that. I’m ready now and I’m doing it.

That said, I am asking for tips and recipes or any other information anyone would like to offer. You can post it below or join the forum and get involved in the discussions there.

If anyone would like to join me on my going raw journey and would like to share their story and experiences, the forum and comment section of this post would be a great place to do so. I would love to get people involved because a strong support team will not only help me on my journey but it will also help anyone else who is ready to embark on a healthy raw food lifestyle.

Thanks so much!


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