The Real Story About Relief in Haiti

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article-0-07E19A5F000005DC-179_634x439Haiti was hit on January 12th 2010 with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that caused a great deal of “devastation” to close to 3,000,000 of Haiti’s population.

Whether this earthquake was caused by the government using HAARP or whether it was a natural disaster is not the question here. If we look in the right places, away from the mass manipulating that’s going on, we will see what is actually going on in Haiti.

Disaster strikes and the first on the scene is the world police themselves, THE UNITED STATES. They jump in and take control of the airport in Haiti, supposedly assisting with aid. No aid here, only military with lots of guns to make sure those fallen concrete bricks don’t try to steal any of the food they are supplying. You are seeing what looks a lot more like a war than a natural disaster.

Let’s flash back to hurricane Katrina quickly. The population in the area was largely African American, it took help quite a few days to show up and assist these people with some form of aid. Many were absolutely disgusted with how long it took for the US to send aid to ITS OWN COUNTRY. Flash forward, Haiti, again a black population, instead of waiting a long time to show up, they come right away to make people happy then do NOTHING to aid them. All they have done is set up a military that patrols the streets in tanks trying to hunt down them dangerous concrete blocks from getting away with the food. Very little aid has actually been brought to the Haitians at this point.

View the video clip below, I will allow it to speak a lot about what is happening. Notice how the Haitians themselves are saying they do not appreciate the military being there. They do not need guns, they need food, medical supplies and help looking for those under the rubble. Instead, whose moving all the rubble and searching? The Haitians themselves. You are seeing the absolute lack of aid they are receiving, why?

The US military has taken over the airport and decides who lands in Haiti. This is obviously because they know best as the world police. They have turned back Mexican planes with life saving supplies on them because they can. Are they really doing a good job here?

The Haitians are looking for “action, not words” and yet we continue to see nothing more than words and military.

Then of course we have the overwhelming bid for the rest of the worlds support in the form of CASH specifically. Just the right kind of thing that could go missing and land in the pockets of certain people should they collect a favorable amount. You can thank George W. for giving that one away.

This is not to create a negative stigma around the support or lack there of. This is meant to open the eyes of the collective to what is actually going on here and how we are being rather deceived. We can thank fully the Elite for doing this for us though because it does give us a first hand look once again as to what level of manipulation they will take things to. Their effort in not covering this up very well is a great way for the collective to change its consciousness and evolve beyond the power these Elite put in place. All perfection in the end especially when we see this from a neutral point.


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  1. marielynne

    Imagine what it would look like if 20,000 US troops were actually working to help those in need. Everyone would be cheering and joyful. There is nothing more beautiful and compelling than true humanitarianism. What if our soldiers arrived without guns, rolled up their sleeves and did some good. Then, maybe the US would be loved and appreciated instead of reviled. Our soldiers would be HEROES. So, what’s wrong?? Could it be that they have not been given the mandate to help, but actually to control? Our military might be powerful but they are also an embarrasement. They operate with misplaced priorities like mindless robots who have no concience of their own. Killing Machines lack humanity.

  2. Trevor

    Although possible this was a test of Haarp and the mobilization of troops, which the quick response might suggest, is it really a ploy to get the 3 million barrels of oil that some have claimed that are there? Three million barrels is not that much, even if it is much more, but every natural disaster that happens from this day forth is going to be blaimed on haarp. That being said, when the bible says that natural disasters pestilence, etc, are going to be rampant on earth, it is possible that it is warning us that our governments are going to be technologically advanced enough to create these calamaties. Before the great flood, there was a highly advanced cilvilization–supposedly fell due to abuses of the technology, or earth got smashed by meteors and set back the stone ages. If earthquakes start happening in remote places as the bible states, then we can start pointing a finger at haarp, until then, we can probably just blaim nature– this being said, the united states are capitalists, and they wont hesitate to take advantage of a situation, but lets not jump to conclusions yet, atleast in this case.

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