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_46130394_000030784-1As the world watches the tragedy unfold in Haiti, where it has been estimated that as much as 200,000 people may have lost their lives, many have been speculating as to the real cause of the earthquake and whether it was the work of a natural disaster or was a plan carried out by US “H.A.A.R.P.” technology. Considering that the US government has taken control of the airport and ground services of aid, one might start to wonder as to why they have been turning away foreign aid planes, have set up ground service with troops armed with guns that are not helping the people of Haiti but more so patrolling, why it has taken so long for aid to get to the people in need and why they are telling the American people not to send blankets and water but, quote George Bush, “just send us your cash”.

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I have heard many people talk about it being a hidden agenda for the US government to set up base in Haiti. But why would they want to do that? What is their reason? The following article may just be the answer. This article is from mid-summer of 2009. It talks about how Russia had signed a deal with Cuban officials to begin oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, seeing as how both Cuba and Russia are “enemies” of the US and have been in conflict many times in recent history, do you think that the US government, in knowing how greedy they are when it comes to ownership and access of oil reserves, would be very fond of “enemies” drilling for oil on North American territory? I think not. A treaty was signed between Cuba, Mexico and the United States which deemed the sharing of the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba has taken it’s share and signed it off to the Russians. Do you think maybe someone got a bit angry at this? Is it possible that the US is taking advantage of Haiti in order to set up base in the Caribbean to monitor the exploration of Russia as well as other agendas that they are not telling us about? Hmm. Some food for thought.


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