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ResizedImage339309-Money_20stacksYou heard correctly. If someone is able to prove that the H1N1 vaccine is both safe and effective, Natural News will reward them with $10,000. Luckily for them, no vaccine has ever been proven to work or be safe for that matter.

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In conjunction with NaturalNews, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( has publicly offered a $10,000 reward for any person, company or institution who can provide trusted, scientific evidence proving that any of the FDA-approved H1N1 vaccines being offered to Americans right now are both safe and effective.

Vaccine promoters keep citing their “science” in claiming that H1N1 vaccines are safe and effective. NaturalNews and the CWC ask one simple question: Where is this science?

The $10,000 reward will be issued to anyone who can produce scientific evidence meeting the following criteria…


I think this says a lot about collective feelings towards vaccines lately. We are changing dramatically surrounding the issue and its about time! This consciousness shift will certainly bring much integrity back to the medical field. We assume we will witness the fall of Big Pharma indefinately.

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