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Life is a continuing process of role playing into becoming the follower of a higher path. This involves using the mind to overcome reaction and move into creation. Each person is moving from a limited reactive 3rd dimensional body with a 4th dimensional drama, to a 5th dimensional spirit engaged in a multidimensional reality.

You begin where you are, the experience never ends as it is joy, expansion, health, wealth, wisdom, and love all rolled into one exciting and powerful creative life. In the beginning of your experience there are things upon the earth that are difficult. Many spirits here are caught up in low astral energy this causes them to get entangled with others in awful displays of abusive controlling power dramas.

There are those who are powerless weak victims that allow themselves to be used. Then there are those who wield power in an abusive dominating manner. The way showers are many who are becoming awakened and helping the ones who have been abused, and also the ones abusing. Way showers bring information on the laws of attraction, separation, polarity, correspondence, inclusion, allowance and other important communication from sources of higher intelligence.

This reality is experiencing a shift, it is occurring now as enlightened experiences are being played out everyday. It involves the giving and receiving of new cosmic energy and the purification and alignment of the chakras of the self, the planet and the galaxy. In addition there are important every day life lessons evolved in the areas of healthy living, science of light energy, and economics. All helping move toward a society that is based upon love, appreciation, and abundance.

When every moment of your experience is lived in the flow of now there is an indescribable passion for life. In the knowledge of creation where all things manifest to the highest desire and the best outcomes for this whole time space dimension, peace is achieved.

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Seek to ascend the path and become involved with the truth. Experiencing thought within the family of light and following alignment moves one through the portal of guidance; so that you may understand the way, reveal the way to others, and to yourself. As you see that all is within you, you understand the movement of the central sun. In this role that you play, you understand your divine promise to move with the body of light.

When you find the real, you move with the energy of creation and go beyond this worlds chosen illusions, toward the galactic resonance into the mirror of timelessness, as you become enlightened within.  Ask to see your mission and purpose and the dreams of a golden age will open up into a creative energy.

This then is the experience and the shift that exists for you so that you many understand and follow a path of reorganization for your mind and heart. Within your remembering of purpose, you are found within a being of limitless potential and every move you make is perfectly aligned within an expansive universe.

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