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shortyaward copyAnyone heard of the Shorty Awards? Well its an twitter based, “short real time content” award that goes to producers in all sorts of categories… one of them being Health. It has to do with individuals of all shapes and sizes who contribute information, and who must be nominated, and then voted for to win.

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I discovered an amazing website maybe a few weeks ago… and in only a short period of time Ive learned so much. Its managed by a man named Mike Adams, also goes by “HealthRanger”, who lives in a valley located in Ecuador. Naturalnews promotes natural and alternative medicine, along with understanding and teaching about real health solutions and topics. I would suggest this site to anyone and everyone who is interested in this topic. Its up there along the same lines as Dr. Mercola.

So I love, and I mentioned the ShortyAwards… wheres the connection?

Well HealthRanger, along with Dr. Mercola were nominated for ShortyAwards in the Health section. They both have a large fan based, due to the fact that they promote real health, and alternative medicine. These are things people are starting to realize and use across the globe. Natural diets, such as raw food diets, natural vitamins, and minerals, that your body needs and creates and a deep understanding to homeopathy and natural healing and prevention. As we all know, as a collective we are starting to awaken to facts that modern medicine has been manipulated and used as a powerful industrial complex that is making us extremely unhealthy so we keep taking their drugs. One of these ways being Vaccines. There is no real, hard evidence that vaccines even work (except for destroying your immune system.)  So much so, that there is even a ‘contest’ going for $10,000 if anyone can provide it (we wrote a post on it). Its not even debatable, but the corporations have such a strangle hold on society that they can swoon doctors and the whole health system until that shot is in your arm, your money is in their pockets.
So when HealthRanger started to take first place on the ShortyAwards for health, the big guys didn’t like this….especially because he is a promoter of true health, and anti-vaccine. What did they do? They joined the race…

I was set to take the top prize, and Dr. Mercola was in a solid second place when some vaccine pushers got word that a couple of “natural medicine whackos” (as they described us) were about to win the award, and they organized an opposition campaign to elect their own candidate — a virtually unknown doctor from Australia who held a strong opinion against homeopathy and natural medicine while pushing vaccines and pharmaceuticals. They began to call for others to vote for this “pro-vaccine” candidate, even though most people had no idea who she was and had never even read her work.”

Not only did they hire an unknown Doctor, who actually quotes “if water has memory, then homeopathy is shit” but they started to rig the votes. They force people to vote for the Unknown Doctor with votes like “I nominate Dr. __ for a Shorty Awards because I was told to.” and started submitting slandering and profanity soaked votes towards HealthRanger and Dr. Mercola.
All because they are NOT vaccine pushers, and what the corps deem them “”natural medicine whackos”

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So Mike Adams wrote them an email. Within 24 Hours HealthRanger was deleted from the entire contest, and all the votes were deleted… the votes of the people… Real people. Being a reader and voter (if I had twitter) I’m not astonished because I know how far these corporations and industries will go to keep their agenda on top. I was just surprised to hear they would go to this level.

In deleting, without justification, all the votes from NaturalNews readers and deleting the Health Ranger from the contest, the Shorty Awards has destroyed its own credibility. It has essentially announced to the world that they will decide who wins and who loses, not the voters. If they don’t like you as a candidate, they will simply delete you from the contest — even if you’re legitimately winning!…

…But our success was just too much for the opposition to believe. They couldn’t believe that natural health is now so popular all over the world. They couldn’t believe that people would actually go out of their way to vote for me because they wanted to support our work. And so the Shorty Awards simply nullified all those votes, slapping the NaturalNews readers in the face by zeroing out their candidate.

This brings me to one of my favourite quotes

“If Voting Changed Anything, They’d Make It Illegal” –Emma Goldman

What can we do? Well I suggest you check out the full story and HealthRangers website.
Full Article :
Vote for Dr. Mercola, as he is a truth provider behind the health industry as well.

Mike also provides more links to direct people at the company and contest, if you want to direct something towards them.

I salute Mike, and, for all the work he does. Spread the message, spread the site, spread the love.

Much Love,


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