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When somebody asks you what you are, your first response is usually “human.” The truth is that you do not in fact know what you are, you only know that you are. The human species is evolving into something it was not before and we are all a part of this evolution. We are evolving into what we create, we are evolving into transparent potential.
Consciousness is fundamental to painting a reality, science is now finding matter does in fact arise from concepts in consciousness. Old world religions are falling away as more and more people are beginning to have a much more direct experience with their being in the universe, where it is not so much a belief anymore as it is a “knowing.” When people experience a “knowing,” all of a sudden a previous religion or group belief no longer fits with their personal experience.

Our right brain natural capabilities have been suppress by this 3rd density matrix of left brain domination. We have become hard wired and scientifically grounded to this dimension and many people have lost that “knowing” that the soul has continuity. We do exist in body and in spirit and live lifetime to lifetime and in between lives.Is there life after death? Is there a god sitting up in the clouds watching over us? These are questions that have forever faced all mortals. We cannot assume any longer that we are apart from nature and stand apart from this earth. That is an old myth, humanities intellect does not give us the right to stand alone. Our intuitive capabilities or what we call our 6th sense is in fact our 1st sense. Our intuition is our heart, it is our guide.

Our problem is that we are stuck in a giant metaphor, we think of life as time and therefore going somewhere. However if you are just “being” and you just “are,” then how can you go somewhere if there is no where to go? We are only experiencing, consciousness does not go anywhere it has no place to go it is Omni present consciousness merely focuses on points, experiences of events, places etc.

Knowing that you are more than your physical body is the beginning of knowing that you survive physical death. When you consider yourself more than your physical body you open yourself up to experiencing the full energy that you truly are.

We are all essentially made up of light energy, infinite potential within a very dense, slow, low vibrational physical body and dimension. Such density heightens our sensorial experiences of everything we choose to partake in within this dimension.

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During physical death the soul begins to resonate at its highest frequency which is light, this allows one to transcend the physical shell. Then the soul lets go of everything, when the dense slow physical is let go it is easy to see that ones soul is not the body. One begins to feel a sense of relief. The experience is easier for the person who has transcended their body than the family or loved ones left behind. The loved ones are usually the ones going through all the trauma and drama.

Our physical body exists because it is our soul that gives it life. We are life and life is eternal, it never ends and never begins, it only shifts. Life is always transforming, evolving and expanding. What we refer to as death is nothing to be feared, it is only an experience to be had by everything on this planet. Death does not exist you live through it, there is only love.

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