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andrewWakefieldPA_468x659This article has come to light after Dr. Wakefield, the doctor who in 1998 first suggested that there is a link between MMR vaccinations and autism, had been charged by the General Medical Council for acting “dishonestly and irresponsibly”. After reading this myself I feel as though the accusations of the GMC are completely ridiculous and irrelevant to the subject matter. Also, to quote Dr. Wakefield, these claims were “unfound and unjust”. It’s almost as though they are pissed off in regards to the controversy he has envoked about vaccinations, over the last decade or so, and they want to get back at him by throwing the book at him and charging him with anything possible. You are entitled to your own beliefs and feelings and I’d like to share mine on this one.

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My thoughts:

“The GMC case did not investigate whether Dr Wakefield’s findings were right or wrong, instead it was focused on the methods of research.”

“The panel said Dr Wakefield, who was working at London’s Royal Free Hospital as a gastroenterologist at the time, did not have the ethical approval or relevant qualifications for such tests.”

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Although I may not personally condone his methods, you must come to understand the power and manipulation that the medical industry has over their doctors, methods used, regulations, administered drug laws, etc. If a doctor comes to a point in his career where he feels as though these medical companies are either falsifying or misjudged their claims about vaccinations benefiting children, how does he go about proving the claims wrong? We all know that the industry profits billions and even trillions a year and if these claims were proven wrong it would severely damage the profits made from vaccine products. You really think they would give him permission to do so if he had suggested the possibility? I highly doubt it. They still haven’t even proven him wrong so why is it that these tests and studies weren’t proven before the vaccinations were given out? Had full research not been done to prove that they are 100% safe for children?

All in all, I think that regardless of his methods or actions, this article should make people open their eyes as to the findings of Dr. Wakefield and the questions that he asks, as well as countless other studies by various doctors and individuals who state the dangers of vaccinations. You may want to do your own research and second guess whether or not these vaccinations truly are beneficial to your child’s health. People lie, numbers don’t.

After my own research into the matter I found some interesting sources of information and videos that you may want to watch and read…

Vaccine Package Inserts
Every vaccine includes a package insert that tells the doctor (and the parent lucky enough to see one) all about the vaccine, including its description, ingredients, purpose, contraindications (under what circumstances one should NOT have the vaccine), and side effects.

Merck is the manufacturer of the commonly used MMR vaccine. MMR stands for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. They provide a copy of the MMR package insert on their website in PDF format.


I personally believe that vaccinations do not benefit us whatsoever and they in fact damage our immune system strength, efficiency and hinder our flow of life force energy within our body’s energy meridian. We do not need external medicines to fight off disease and infection. I also believe that giving a child up to 23 vaccinations upon birth and very early ages brings about a dependency on the child’s immune system for external support. From an early age the body is taught that it needs external medicines in order to fight disease. Is there not a better way to go about this? How about eating healthy and following good health practices that allow the body’s immune system to grow on it’s own, gaining strength without external support other than natural organic nutrients such as vegetables and fruit that Mother Earth so kindly grows for us all? We are not machines and robots, why is it that we put these chemicals into our bodies? It is not natural. We are natural healers and in order to maintain strength and vitality we must come to understand our biological connection with the Mother Earth and use her natural remedies that are out there.

In Love and Light,


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