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Growing up in North America we are taught from a young age that we are free. We are taught that we live in a democratic society and that we the people are responsible for electing our officials. We are also taught to obey the law and stay out of trouble. No one is supposed to question the law or authority because justice and freedom is what holds our society and institutions together. Democracy after all is what sets us apart from the rest of the world.

As more and more awaken and free their minds, people are coming to see that they are not free at all. There are two kinds of law all around the world, there is civil law or the law of the land and there is maritime admiralty law or the law of the seas. There is also another law called Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which falls under both civil law and maritime admiralty law. UCC is the law of business for everyone on the planet buying and selling. If you are involved in commerce, buying, selling and making money then you are operating under Uniform Commercial Code.

UCC was established during the time of the Cesar’s of Rome. The Romans established a law that everyone doing business within the empire would have to abide by in order to avoid fraud and non payment of goods. Today every nation operates under the same code, so that buying and selling is fair.

When a container ship pulls into port it is referred to as its “birth.” While the ship is in its “birth” the first thing the captain must do is present a certificate of manifest to the port authority. The port authority must know what is on the ship, and how much of a good is on the ship coming into that country and that economy. The certificate of manifest declares nothing but the value of the goods.

When humans are born we come out of our mothers water, therefore we must have a birth certificate, or a certificate of manifest. We must have the certificate because we are a corporate owned item. We are literally looked at by governments as human resources. The birth certificate is in fact a security on the stock exchange. The corporate identity of a human is worth money to the international bank that bought us as collateral back in the 1930’s.

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Your natural body at birth is given a corporate entity, governments do this through word magic. Your birth name is John Doe and the corporate entity given to you is JOHN DOE in all capital letters. Take a look at all you government issued identification. Health cards, social insurance/security cards, port pass or passports. The corporate fictional entity is always present with all capital letters, usually with your natural picture beside it.

Your corporate entity pays the international banks paycheck by paycheck. The international banks have institutions set up to collect their payments in every country. In America it is called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in Canada it is called the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The debt your birth country owes international banks will never be paid back because the governments are always borrowing more money. You are the collateral, you are the money maker, you are the thing of value, you are the good.

Maritime admiralty law is bankers law and claims that upon birth you pass through the birth canal and come out of your mothers water. Your mother is the vessel and you are the good being transported. Once you hit dry land a certificate of manifest must be issued.

Society operates within maritime admiralty law, you are a maritime product and therefore the British crown through international banking owns your fictional self. Transport laws are put into place because you are always in transport. When walking, driving, flying, sailing, from port to port you are always carrying your fictional corporate stock of an identity.

Laws and statues are in place to maintain the flow of money within the corporate world. That is why tickets, fines and courts exist, when you go to court you see a judge. The judges sits on a bench, the word bench is Latin for bank. Therefore the judge always rules in favor of the bank, this is why in court whoever loses the case, the defendant or the plaintiff always has to pay.

The courtroom represents admiralty jurisdiction, that is why you must pass through the bar to sit at either that plaintiffs table or the defendants table. Passing through the bar signifies boarding a ship whereby you are representing the fictional corporate entity while “at sea.”

The fictional, corporate, all capital letter account will be your transmitting entity through which all commerce takes place while on the earth. However, for all the laws and commerce rules to be enacted upon you, the natural you must give consent to represent and be responsible for the fictional all capital letter corporate entity.

Within the facade of what we call free society people believe that choice equals freedom. People go to work eight hours a day, pay their taxes, obey the laws and go to shopping centers to purchase. As long as we are given options we feel empowered and free to express ourselves through “things.” Whether it is a new flat screen, a new car, or tickets to the hottest event, we confuse purchasing power with true freedom.

What if everything is the same? Acura’s are Hondas, Lexus’s are Toyotas, Nike’s are Adidas, Coke is Pepsi and McDonald’s is Burger King? Our commercial choices are illusions and the currencies we exchange to purchase products do not exist. Everything is already paid for by the person or persons that created it. There is no lawful money in circulation today that is backed by anything of value. Money is all fiat, so people never really receive anything of value, no one ever gets paid.

What are we the people doing then? We are wasting time blindly supporting an illusion of a world that we have been taught and believe can work no other way. The masses blindly support the few, all the while chasing the carrot of fame and riches, unknowingly totally disconnected from each other and earth.

The true reality is that we are all born naturally free and abundant. We only give our consent to join in this scam of a social order. There are no taxable events, everything has already been paid for. The only true thing of value that any of us have is our own signature. Our signature is our instrument of negotiation. Signing a contract is the payment. We are all energy, we come from the light. Our human resource, or body is currently paying interest for something that does not exist. At all times we have within us infinite potential and wealth.

The next time someone looks at your ID and asks for your consent to represent that card or piece of fiction, tell them “that’s not me jack, I’m right here living life and loving it.”

Know that gaining real knowledge of how this world operates is true freedom, freedom is an awareness of potential, and transparent potential is ultimately a state of being in unconditional love.


Andre H. Paris

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