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ReachingFullPotential1We talk about “the shift” and all that comes along with it including the spiritual lingo, the predictions, the prophecies, the clarity, the “fluffy stuff,” and higher consciousness. But what seems to be missed is the simplicity of what this whole shift is really all about.

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Humanity has long ago bought into the idea that “THIS IS REALITY. “When we refer to “this” we are talking about our everyday lives, our jobs, our families, our structures and protocols, our cars and clothes etc. We think that what we are experiencing right here in front of us is all there is to us. We have also bought into the idea that we must live in a state where we are following patterns and protocols handed down to us by structures. These structures include parents, schooling, our culture, religion and even the “collective norms.”

What if we could step out of these patterns and protocols? What if we realized that we live our lives based on what we have been taught and told by those before us, regardless of whether or not it would create a limiting experience? What if we realized, “I am no longer any of this that I think I am, I am more than what I see here in front of me.” What if we realized we could get off the linear track in front of us and open our scope of potential and see how much MORE there is to experience?

What if we could look at our jobs and think, sure I’m playing the role of (insert job title) but I can step out and play something else whenever I want, there’s no need to think of all the reasons why it can’t be done. If you follow a religious pattern, you could look at it and say “OK, I have experienced this and had enough of it, it’s simply a pattern handed down, I wish to be free from it.” And you choose to play elsewhere. Instead of living in headspace, with all of these “responsibilities” created in the mind that bind us in our positions and don’t allow us to move, we could simply realize that “I can choose to play elsewhere, to do something more and not panic about what lies ahead.”

Ask yourself, when you hear the terms “That’s Life! Get used to it!” or “That’s REALITY” does that ever resonate with you? Does that completely hit you as truth? Is it something you know deep down comes from a state of fear?

This shift is really all about getting out of all the boundaries, barriers and walls that we have put up that DO NOT need to be there. It’s about realizing all the potentiality to experience anything already exists within you, use it! We do not need patterns and protocols in our lives limiting us anymore, we have played there for a long time.

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We are at an amusement park and we think we can only play on one ride, but there are 20 other rides! This shift is about realizing we can go on all the ride’s not just the ONE we think we can be on.

Go out and play with potentiality! We are on a planet full of different experiences everywhere, go play with them! Why do we take our decisions so seriously? Are we afraid to just DO things? Are there such things as mistakes on this planet? Could we not just experience something and say “this really isn’t what I wish to continue playing with, let’s alter it” We only think it’s not that simple, when the mind is engaged and it creates all the fears and worries and events that have not yet happened, it closes the potentiality more and more.

It may not be totally easy at first to begin stepping out of these boxes so let’s start little by little. Be observant of what drives your decisions, get the mind out of the way, follow the heart. Try not to take things too seriously and just experience it. Don’t think about what has happened or what might happen, enjoy the experience NOW and flow with it. Don’t judge your experiences or other’s, simply observe them and appreciate it.

Go out and choose.

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