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CB003752Playing with something I have never felt before has brought me into an understanding of how we experience situations in two very different ways – in the mind through thought, and in the heart through knowing. The mind engaging and playing about brought a lot of ups and downs, the same ups and downs we all experience, and so I intend share what I have discovered to offer an experience others may relate to.

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When we say “I am UNHAPPY,” it isn’t that WE are “unhappy,” it is simply that we are experiencing the emotion of unhappiness within us. At our true being and essence we are neutral, it is only our thoughts that can create the unhappiness. Every experience or event is completely neutral, what we make of it is how we perceive it – not perception on the soul level, but perception on the conscious level, through thought. Those thoughts are what create the “sadness” or “unhappiness” in any situation or event.

When we are not at peace or not appreciating whatever experience we are having, we are simply choosing, through thought, to experience the “unhappiness/turmoil” as opposed to the peace.

Even if the experience we are having is creating emotions like “sadness” and “anger,” allow them to be, enjoy the fact that you are a human being experiencing the emotion. There is nothing to say we cannot have this experience. The “issue” only comes when we allow ourselves to get locked in this state, allowing it to bury itself into our mind and consistently create our reality based on these “negative” emotions and feelings. Play with it, and move on. Appreciate that we can feel both sides of this polarity.

As we begin to play with and realize that there is an awareness behind the thoughts (mind) and we are truly that awareness, not our thoughts, we can make a connection between how our thoughts (mind) are creating these emotions and not us, the neutral essence.

As I was experiencing the ups and the downs, there was a direct relation to whether or not I was listening to the heart or the mind. As the emotions were rocky, frustrated, and in a panic, I noticed I was asking a lot of questions, trying to figure it all out. “Why am I seeing this?” “Why am I feeling this way?” “This is impossible!” “What will happen next?” All of these questions were pushing me away from the moment and getting the mind all wrapped up in worrying about why all of this was happening. When the emotions were comfortable and peaceful I noticed I was allowing things to flow, remaining in the moment, enjoying the feeling and recognizing its beauty. I was going into the heart and getting my clarity as opposed to allow the mind to run wild.

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When we feel a strong emotion in the heart, know it is likely the mind will not be able to figure out and understand it. Know that it will run wild trying to figure out why everything is happening and why we are running up the walls. Play with it! Appreciate it and enjoy it! Simply be aware and try not to get wrapped up, the mind will take you on the roller coasters; it’s our choice to get on or not.

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