David Icke: Avatar Movie – A Story of Earth…In Reverse

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The following information was an article featured in one of David Icke’s recent newsletters. We here at Collective Evolution thought it would be a great idea to share this with you as it coincides with our understanding of a very significant piece of history here on Earth. It is definitely an interesting read to say the least. Enjoy!


Hello all …

I don’t go to see films very much, but I have been to watch the much-hyped James Cameron movie, Avatar, and I am glad I did.

I thought it was excellent and the animation and special effects were cutting edge, but what interested me most is that it basically tells the story of what has happened on Earth – albeit back to front.

The plot, which takes place in the year 2154, involves a people with blue skin and lion-type noses who are native to Pandora, ‘a moon of the gas giant, Polyphemus, which orbits Alpha Centauri A’. They live in total harmony with their environment and they know that everything is connected and part of a unified Consciousness.

The trees and plant life of Pandora have formed electrochemical connections between the roots which act as neurons to form a sentient planet-wide ‘brain’, or Consciousness. The blue people, called the ‘Na’vi’, have their own ‘root connectors’ which allow them to ‘plug in’, through plants and trees, to this network of ‘Oneness’.

But then the humans arrive with their advanced technology. They are administrators and soldiers representing the RDA corporation which wants to mine Pandora for an extremely valuable ore called ‘unobtainium’ (the dictionary definition of this word is ‘a humorous colloquialism that refers to any extremely rare, costly, or physically impossible material needed to fulfil a given design for a given application’).

The humans set up a sealed base to protect themselves from what is to them the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora. When they are not in the base or their flying craft they have to wear masks to breathe.

Some of the humans are able to mingle with the Na’vi for purposes of manipulation thanks to genetically-engineered Na’vi bodies which they technologically ‘possess’.

One human, a former Marine called Jake Sully, agrees to be part of this infiltration because he is genetically compatible with a Na’vi body that had been specially made for his late brother. These human-Na’vi DNA hybrids are called avatars.

Jake, however, falls in love with a Na’vi woman and with the lifestyle in general, and a battle ensues in which he helps to drive out the other humans, but not before they have destroyed the Na’vi’s communal home which was located on the unobtainium deposits that the humans had come to mine.

I knew nothing about the movie or the plot when I arrived at the cinema, I just felt compelled to go. But it soon became clear that I was watching – in theme – how the Earth and humanity were hijacked by the Reptilian race that I have written so extensively about.

My new book, due out in the spring, expands massively on this and so much more, thanks to the wealth of new information that has come my way in recent months. I am not writing or talking about this yet, because I want it to come out in one go, all dots connected, and not in dribs and drabs.

But, for sure, the Avatar story captures the theme of the Reptilian takeover, whether James Cameron meant it that way, or not.

To see this, you have to reverse the roles. The indigenous blue people are symbolic of humans on Earth aeons ago, and the humans that arrive on Pandora in search of the unobtainium are symbolic of the Reptilians who came here.

The ancient Sumerian Tablets, discovered in what is now called Iraq, say that a non-human race, the ‘Anunnaki’, came to Earth to mine for gold in Africa, and the Tablets describe how they genetically-manipulated humans to be their worker-slaves. Evidence of gold mining at least 100,000 years ago has been found in Africa.

Zulu legends also support this same theme and, together with ancient accounts from all over the world, they speak of a ‘Golden Age’ when the whole Earth was lush and beautiful and the people lived in harmony with their environment.

There was no hunger or poverty because people lived off the plentiful fruits of the land and forests, especially the forests, which covered much of the planet. The weather was stable and there were no seasons, because the Earth spun on a different axis.

The planet was also encircled by a canopy of water in the high atmosphere that protected people from the harsh rays of the Sun, the Zulu legends say. As a result, there were no deserts and water was plentiful.

Then came the Reptilian intervention that brought geological and biological catastrophe to the Earth. I explain in the new book how this was done – it is quite a shocker.

Anyway, the water canopy was destroyed and this is biblically symbolised as the 40 days and 40 nights of rain. The Earth moved on its axis and its relationship with the Sun dramatically changed to give us the four seasons.

The Earth’s climate was transformed and so was human life. Forests were lost on a vast scale and deserts began to form. Plentiful food sources were destroyed in many places and life became a struggle to survive.

Reptilian geneticists created a new human to serve their interests and it is significant that human brain capacity increased for perhaps millions of years until about 200,000 years ago when that suddenly stopped and began to reverse. It is in this same period that humans began to look something like they do today.

The Avatar story also includes genetically-created Na’vi-human hybrids to infiltrate the Na’vi by looking like they do. This is precisely what has happened on Earth with the Reptilians ‘possessing’ the Reptilian-human hybrids that I have written about for so long.

These are the bloodlines that control the global secret society network and, through that, the governments, banks, corporations, media, military, ‘education’ and so on.

Crucial to human control has been to suppress activity in the right side of the brain, or at least to stop it transmitting that activity, awareness and information to the left side via the ‘bridge’ known as the corpus callosum.

The two hemispheres see reality in fundamentally different ways and this is expressed in the very different perspectives of the humans and the blue-skinned Na’vi in the Avatar movie.

The right-side of the brain connects us to ‘out there’, the infinite realms beyond the confines of the five senses and ‘visible light’ where everything is experienced as ‘One’. The Na’vi represent an open right-brain which understands that everything is connected to everything else.

Jill Bolte Taylor, an American brain scientist, experienced right-brain reality very powerfully when she suffered a haemorrhage that stopped the left-side functioning – dominating – as it usually does. She was on an exercise machine when she realised something very strange was happening:

‘… it was as though my consciousness had shifted away from my normal perception of reality, where I’m the person on the machine having the experience, to some esoteric space where I’m witnessing myself having this experience. I look down at my arm and I realize that I can no longer define the boundaries of my body. I can’t define where I begin and where I end, because the atoms and the molecules of my arm blended with the atoms and molecules of the wall. And all I could detect was this energy. Energy. And I’m asking myself, ‘What is wrong with me, what is going on?…

… ‘And at first I was shocked to find myself inside of a silent mind. But then I was immediately captivated by the magnificence of energy around me. And because I could no longer identify the boundaries of my body, I felt enormous and expansive. I felt at one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful there.’

This is the limitless, unified ‘world’ that has been kept from us by the left-brain which dominates our sense of reality and entraps us in the five senses.

The symbolic soldiers guarding the entrance to the left-brain. Picture by Neil Hague (www.neilhague.com).

The left side of the brain is our ‘this world’ reality of language and structure, what passes for ‘logic’, and the general ‘physical’ world perspective. It decodes information encoded in the energetic fabric of our reality into sequence to give us the illusion of ‘time’ passing from ‘past’ to future’, while the right-brain knows that there is only the eternal ‘Now’.

The left hemisphere dominates especially in ‘academics’ and those who have passed through the ‘higher’ levels of the sausage machine that is bravely called ‘education’.

The whole global political and economic system is run by dark-suits trapped in left-brain reality. This is why we live in a left-brain society and the right-brain perspective is ridiculed or condemned as ‘crazy’. The human invaders in Avatar personify this left-brain domination.

They have no appreciation or understanding of the interconnected harmony and mutual respect between the Na’vi, animals, trees and plants. It is just mumbo-jumbo to them. The humans live in the ‘real world’ of physical ‘apartness’ with the philosophy of see-want-take. In this case, take the unobtainium.

If that means destroying the home and way of life of people who happen to live on the resource deposits that you want to make your fortune, then so be it. What does it matter? They are just primitive savages and we are only destroying a forest.

Who cares? Send the boys in.

The left-brain mentality has no empathy with the consequences for others of its actions, because empathy comes from making a connection to other expressions of life, be they people, trees, plants or animals, and putting yourself in their situation.

Left-brain prisoners can’t do this when they are decoding everything as ‘individual’ with only ‘space’ in between. The right-brain knows that there is no ‘space in between’ – only a single energetic field that connects us all.

It is this sense of, and literal, connection between all apparently ‘individual’ form that gives us a sense of empathy, the fail-safe system that prevents extreme behaviour and actions that cause suffering for others.

Without empathy, anything goes, and the Reptilian manipulation has specifically set out to disconnect us from right-brain reality to (a) stop us accessing far higher levels of awareness and intelligence, and (b) to suppress our sense of empathy.

You see this so clearly with those in the military that can pepper-bomb cities and fire missiles into civilian areas in the Gaza Strip without any emotional consequences for themselves over the death, destruction and suffering that they cause.

Once people are stripped of empathy they become robotic machines without feeling or compassion and so much military training is designed to do just that. So it is with the dark suits who manipulate and declare the wars and devastate the economies of target countries in places like Africa to line their own pockets.

The humans in Avatar are just like this, apart from the very few who ‘turned’ eventually. To the left-brain mentality (a village idiot compared with the right), it was all so simple.

We want the resources to make lots of money and those primitive blue people are living on top of them and won’t move. No problem, scramble the aircraft and let ’em ‘ave it. The left-brain, to use a quote from the British writer, Oscar Wilde, knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Look around, it’s the world we live in.

The genetic and other manipulation has turned most of humanity into a terminal of the Reptilian hive mind, something I explain in great detail in the new book. Humans have become their oppressors in mind and mentality – just as they were meant to.

Or, at least, great swathes of them have. Others still have significant access to right-brain reality and their ranks are growing by the day as the awakening of human consciousness continues.

When I say ‘awakening’, I don’t mean that just the awareness of a conspiracy is confirmation that someone has opened the channels to the right-brain and ‘out there’. The conspiracy research arena is overwhelmingly a left-brain phenomenon. This is not a criticism, just an observation, and quite an obvious one when you look at it.

As you open the left-brain and the corpus callosum to right-brain information, awareness and perspective, it is your entire sense of self and reality that changes.

You are not the same person that you were before who has simply realised that a global conspiracy is going on. You are nothing like the person you were before. The game has changed, and the values and perspective of self and life are transformed.

In Avatar, the human (Reptilian) invaders are ousted from Pandora in a massive battle. It is an action-movie, so I guess they feel it necessary to have a technological and biological punch-up as the humans employ their advanced weaponry against the Na’vi’s knowledge of their environment and their connection with the animals that stampede in their support and the dragon-like creatures on which they fly.

But we don’t need violence to set us free. We need to open the right-side of the brain and reconnect with our true and infinite potential. Everything else comes from that. The manipulators have not worked so hard to close down that connection because it is a bit of fun.

They have done so because it is absolutely crucial – prime – to their ability to control. They are terrified that we will wake up and access that fantastic potential.

Put another way, left-brain or right? Or, even better, a balance of both

People who have experienced damage to the left brain have suddenly manifested extraordinary, or what we would call ‘super-human’ abilities, as the potential of the right brain is unlocked.

But they are not ‘super-human’; they are ‘natural human’ who have been able to break the ‘firewalls’ imposed upon ‘suppressed human’. Incredible feats of mathematics, memory and other ‘miraculous’ skills are performed by even young children once damage has reduced the limiting-influence of the left-brain.

Many of them are known as ‘savants’, children who have an amazing skill or skills while also having developmental problems, ‘mental retardation’, brain injury or disease. Around half of these so-called ‘savants’ have autism.

They are accessing brain potentials that are dormant in the vast majority because of the Reptilian manipulation, and, therefore, they not only have incredible abilities, but often find it hard to function within left-brain society.

It seems to me that part of the problem is that when the right brain really opens, the left-brain can have its reality-circuits busted and can’t cope with that level of perception and energy.

Stephen Wiltshire, an ‘autistic savant’ in the UK, is a wonderful example of their extraordinary ‘gifts’. He was taken on a helicopter ride over London at the age of twelve for a BBC documentary in 1987 and was allowed to take no notes or photographs, not that he wanted to, or needed to.

He then proceeded to produce an amazingly accurate drawing of the city, as it looks from the air, and included more than 200 buildings – some of which had hundreds of windows accurately portrayed even though he didn’t have the ability to count because of his autism.

Stephen Wiltshire today

It was all done purely from memory and he later did the same in Rome. You can see Stephen’s work at www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk.

Daniel Tammet, another British ‘autistic savant’, can do mathematical calculations at computer-like speeds and can speak seven languages (at the last count). He learned Icelandic in a week and his language teacher described him as a ‘genius’ and ‘not human’.Oh, but he is very human – the human the Reptilians and their bloodlines are desperately trying to suppress, because they know that their game is up once we access even a fraction of who we really are.

That moment is getting closer ever day.

David Icke2
Written by David Icke
Much Love,
The Collective Evolution Team

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  1. Nobleman

    I gotta say I find David Icke and Sitchin types guilty of trying to turn subjective psychological understandings into material facts. The Annunaki story for example is a popular story which has many versions, one of which involves Angels wishing to mate with mankind and descending to earth in order to do so. Read the Enuma Elish as translated by someone other than Sitchin and it will be plain. He is criticized worldwide for trying to make an allegorical story literal.

    Same with Icke.. His reptiles are only a representation of the evil inclination which is actually responsible for mankind’s condition. We follow our ego. End of story. There is no reptilian race lording itself over us, however one could say that there is a reptilian race lording itself over us as long as we understand it as a metaphor for the selfish inclination which is what controls our world. I wish it were that simple that we could just blame all of our problems on another race. We are always looking to point the finger away from ourselves in order to avoid facing the real problem. I promise you that if you read something which informs you that you are not responsible for your own condition then it was written by the devils hand.

    As David Icke wakes up he sees the “reptiles” that control the world. Perhaps he sees them in sleeping dreams, perhaps he even sees them while awake; but either way he is interpreting his visions improperly. If “waking up” were only so simple as saying “I believe in reptiles”. Waking up only comes from discovering the reptiles within and chasing them out of ourselves. We have to kill our old inclinations and replace them with better inclinations. Kill our selfishness and replace it with love. Satan is selfishness and all of his demons are the negative things that selfishness breeds. It’s that simple. If anyone sees these evil things represented in reptilian form then it is a dream or just an image and one should not believe they exist in reality.

    • Law_Of_One

      Why do not read better the Law Of One books? 😛

  2. bone

    Obviously ‘Nobleman’ is a reptilian shill trying to downplay a very well written and consice explaination of what has happened to humanity over the many thousands of years since the reptiles invaded our planet. We will win though reptile Un-nobleman…it’s just a matter of time lizard.

  3. Kris Boro From The Jack Blood Forum is still a fag

  4. paul andrews

    I would love to agree with you…but I’m afraid there is far too much irrefutable evidence to suggest otherwise, nobleman, If one looks at the “Facts”.

    Ok I agree on the last point you raised that they don’t exist in reality. Correct! They don’t exist in “this” reality, as much as, these reptilian entities are “trans-dimensional”. And above this, one only has to look at our most recent history and the way our culture and civilisation has been directed and is heading. There is no doubt what so ever, whoever or what ever is controlling the turn of events in this world. In this reality, is most certainly in-humane, or a non human intelligence. This intelligence has the ability to live long enough to coerce two world wars and now initiating a soon to be third. And I don’t believe this is solely carried out through a continuation of blood lines either…There have been countless witness testimony’s spanning the globe, by highly placed and intelligent individuals alike. One way or another these entities are inhabiting our world…I would be interesting to watch someone approach one of these 5 star general witnesses and tell them that, yeah what ever you just saw, Is a merely a construct of your imagination playing with you`…Good luck with that.!!

    The mind is certainly a very powerful instrument both right-brain and left-brain, when it is not subject to subliminal control, I believe that most of our problems in society today are in-fact due to negligence and lack of awareness of our conscious and un-conscious thoughts.. But I also believe some of our thoughts are somewhat influenced by a higher intelligence, good and bad. Whether you choose to listen to them or not is another question…

  5. Lakeshore

    I think David has overlooked a huge element of the film, something which changes the whole outlook of the film when it comes to world government. The one thing that I have learned when studying consciousness, and which in my opinion is it’s most important element by far, is that consciousness is a “non-local” function of the universe. What this means is that it does not depend on EM waves or anything physical for transmission. It doesn’t not depend on energy or matter, as we know it, to be transmitted through space-time (the energy-matter-time matrix that we see and feel around us). Consciousness is something more, something completely separate from both matter, and energy, and time as well. This has been proven in multiple scientific studies over the years. In terms of the typical modern-day psychologist way of looking at things, of Body (matter) Mind (energy) and Spirit (consciousness), consciousness would be equivalent to the spirit. We know from Einstein that E=mc2… so since matter is just a condensed form of energy, what this means is that the universe can now be reduced to only two forces, 1. Consciousness and 2. Energy…. and ultimately, although we have not proven it yet, energy could a function of consciousness/spirit, but this link has not yet been established to my knowledge. We are still only at the research indicating that consciousness is non-local and separate to energy/matter/time. So we are stuck at the level of two forces in the universe, consciousness… and energy/matter. Now here is where the very well crafted deception of James Cameron’s Avatar comes in, and in my opinion, it was done on purpose. Whether one has a religious background here is not particularly relevant although having some sort of spiritual teaching helps. In many cultures around the world, God is in fact a dual entity consisting of two components, 1 the unseen spirit consciousness and 2. the energy/matter of all that is seen. What James Cameron would like us to believe is that the physical earth, that of the “physical” matter-energy-time matrix continuum, is in fact part of the spirit consciousness. And this is the very part which has not yet been reconciled science. Not only do we not have any evidence of that so far, but the precept of the true consciousness/spirit has been proven to be “non-local”, a separate function of the space-time continuum completely. Consciousness does not depend on energy or matter or time to to have it’s effect, or be propagated through, space-time. One of the central elements of the movie was the “bond” where the main character has to physically plug his pony tail into the flying beast to have it respond to him. Anyone with any common sense knows that this is not what a “bond” is. A bond is a reflection of trust between people or man and animal. A spiritual bond does not depend on the physical matrix around us. We do not physically plug into it. It is of the spirit, or consciousness of creation. A bond is not something to be physically connected to, but something to be earned by doing nice things for people, and refraining from doing bad things. The other disturbing element was that the main character was praying to the earth, praying to a local “physical consciousness” so to speak …. not to the true non-local spirit consciousness which requires no physical bond …. when asking for help. Although to my knowledge the spirit consciousness is traditionally considered masculine and the energy/matter (earth) considered feminine, it is also interesting to note that the god that the main character was praying to was the local mother “consciousness” god of the physical earth, not the non-local “masculine” spirit consciousness which has been proven in science… although this distinction doesn’t serve much purpose since these are only traditional ideas with god and in consciousness vs energy/matter/time, and has nothing to do with the masculinity or femininity pf man or woman per se. Another point to the side, something I learned from Freeman of the Freeman Perspective, is that it seems clear this movie is meant to demonize the soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The right wing war-mongering agenda now out of the way (for now), it is now important to indoctrinate left wing folk into hating the damage done by the Republicans, so that support will explode for the Agenda 21 Environmental take over of much of the policy of western countries, so that the Democrats can complete their role in building the world government. Aka, the right typically conquers the world by war, and when the people are pissed off at that, the left takes over and conquers the world through legislation of something environmental. So, all in all, even though Avatar was a beautiful movie to watch and the story itself very intoxicating, it is still a film meant to brainwash and indoctrinate people into praying to a local physical “consciousness” of the earth, something that needs to be physically plugged into to create a “bond”, and not the true non-local conscious spirit and bond of trust of the unseen… IMHO, all for the end of legislating Agenda 21 environmental proposals that really aren’t for the environment at all, but rather for world government.

  6. Heather

    The “Avatar” movie closely parallels the uranium wars between the Hopi and Navaho tribes in the four corners area and the mining of uranium on their reservation. There have been similar conflicts over uranium mining and indigenous peoples in other parts of the world as well. The mining of uranium presents many problems, one of which is the use of uranium to produce weapons for war. One of the reasons for war is to dominate other countries and take their resources. We can vote with our dollars. If no one buys petroleum products would the middle east be invaded? If we don’t support large corporations will they continue to cause the problems in the world that they do? One of the big problems with western culture is overconsumption and it’s effects on the health of our planet. I think a solution would be to live more simply and to care for the earth and all living things on earth.

  7. Nobleman

    Lets look at dimensions then Paul. We are in the 3rd dimension. All dimensions of the universe exist inside mankind. This is a truth of all occult paths. The highest of these dimensions, lets say the 9th, would be complete Nirvana. At the highest level is something called the Absolute, the ancient of days, the hidden one, NOTHINGNESS out of which springs the first creation, which according to the Hindu tradition is pure consciousness. So we are on the 3rd dimension and the highest dimension is pure consciousness without any form whatsoever. Complete Nirvana and extinguishing of all forms into nothingness is the highest “dimension”. Therefore all other dimensions between the highest and the one we are living in which I guess can be referred to as the “3rd”, are contained within mans progression between this dimension and the highest. So these “Transdimensional” beings are just psychic phenomena. They are psychic phenomena which “feed” off of mankind. Meaning that they are evil inclinations that feed off of the fact that we humor their lusts. They ARE lusts and they live through us. Hatred manifests in the world through mankind. If men were filled with the upper inclinations of goodness and fellowship then these “reptiles” would cease to exist. I fight lizards on a daily basis but I am not confused about what it is I am fighting. I am fighting to make sure that nothing evil manifests in this world through me. It is up to every individual to do the same. People who don’t want to face the arduous task of “cleaning house” point the finger at lizards and point their fingers away from themselves trying to place the blame on an outside factor. The human psyche has been guilty of hiding its own darkness from itself and humans create and “unconscious” in which lives everything that we don’t want to be conscious of. Our own darkness hides itself from our consciousness and we don’t recognize that the “reptiles” are living inside of us. Instead we point our finger and say the “reptiles” are living outside of us somewhere. We can hide from our darkness all we want but it is because we hide our darknesses that tragedies have to happen because there is a law that states: “There is nothing hidden which will not be revealed”. Jesus said this and our own darkness is revealed through World Wars and Charles Mansons. Every tragic event is our collective darkness breaking through and trying to make itself known to our consciousness so that we can learn to become aware of it and work on it consciously. Sorry friends. There are no reptilian creatures on which to blame all of your troubles. Look inside yourself and make the necessary effort.

  8. Nobleman

    As for being a “reptilian shill” it is apparent that Bone doesn’t recognize the truth when he sees it. You would rather believe in fairies and reptiles then believe in the evolution of self. It’s your choice I suppose. No “reptilian shill” would tell you to look inside yourself and chase out the evil that you find in there. They do the opposite. “Reptilian Shills” write articles about “reptilian shills” in order to distract you from taking up the REAL work and receiving the REAL light that will illuminate the darkness within yourself. You will see lizards there. Take a look. As for blogging about the existence of super-human reptile invaders, that is not going to awaken the goodness that exists within you. It’s just a distraction.

  9. Highwayman

    @SupaDave, At least he isnt stealing other peoples work like Josh Reeves.

  10. Thelightwithin

    The entire ‘reptilian’ paradigm is nothing more then the human mass ego trying to push responsibility onto something outside of itself for the life it currently experiences. Regardless whether Mr. Icke is trying to do good or not with his words is ultimately irrelevant. It doesn’t remind me of any significant or practical way to release myself from everyday suffering, or to become conscious of my spiritual evolution.

    To give concern about a history that involves our ‘genetic’ manipulation does NOT foster spiritual growth. Remember, it is spirit (consciousness) from which ALL PHYSICALITY is expressed. The infinite mind of god (sea of potenia), births our reality and the life that may experience it.

    Ok, reptiles exist on some distant planet. Ok, they came here thousands of years ago and screwed with our genetic make up to be there slaves for some physical need to be fulfilled. What in the name of humanity has this have to do with ANYTHING. You, right now, have the capability of waking up your CONSCIOUSNESS to a GRANDEUR experience of life that can express the greatest Divinity humanity has ever known.

    Explain Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Paramahasna Yoganda, Sri Rama Krishna, Neale Donald Walsche, Ken Wilber. Deepak Chopra, and the hundred other spiritual masters who have incarnated on this earth. NONE of which have EVER made mention to a superior race or species controlling us.

    Its time to acknowledge this for what it is… mis-interpreted light. The intentions might be there, but the source is not free of ego to admit that perhaps he and many others do not have a clear enough vessal to properly ‘recieve’ the data coming in. There IS life elsewhere in the universe, some of which has probably already ‘awakened’ to their greatest expression of Divinity, This is meaningless to us.

    We are expressions of LIFE. Of God. Of the very infinite consciousness that expresses us into being. That lives within all of humanity, all animals, all plants, minerals and elements. Do you honestly think its UP to us to become realized? There are hundreds of species of life that with a few million years will become self aware as we are. If not sooner. We, as humans with our current activity, are preventing this. There will come a time, that if we do not choose a more ‘creative’ expression of life, that we will cease to exist and a different form of life will begin to evolve to continue a SINGULAR purpose. And that is not a human purpose. Its a DIVINE purpose. A Godly purpose. The very purpose of life itself.

    Humans are self important. Think out of the box.

    Hey, we migh come back as the Na’vi.. or Fish… or squirrels…
    So be nice to the worlds wild-life…


  11. Matthew

    From my understanding of our experience here, Icke is correct in just about everything he touched on, especially about saying how the Reptilians are obsessed with suppressing our full consciousness state. Do i judge them for their actions or blame them for what they do? No, I don’t. It just is what it is. I take full responsibility for my own life and growth and I understand that collectively we allowed this “intervention” to happen in order to increase the challenge of soul growth on this planet. At the soul level we ALLOWED for this to happen. No one is to blame. There are Reptilian beings here that own and control every aspect of our society. I’ve seen them and understand that I am also a part of them. Do I believe that it’s important to understand that they exist and how? Yes. I believe it opens up doors in understanding why things are the way they are on this planet. I don’t see it as good or bad to know this stuff it’s simply just information, take it as you will. If something resonates with you then great, flow with it. If it doesn’t pay no attention to it and move on, rather than judging or condemning it.

    After reading all of these comments here I think we’re all forgetting something. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. If you see something “wrong” or “bad” in your external world then that “wrong” or “bad” is really inside of you where the very thought was manifested. Does anything in this article or these comments bother you? If so, then I suggest you take a look inside yourself and ask why before you being to judge. Through judgement we do not define that of which we judge, we define ourselves.

    Much Love,


  12. Susan

    ~I cannot believe David Icke can “defile such a beautiful movie like “AVATAR” “”Unfortunately there are those out there who do not want us to go back to living “with Nature” .To feel the message of love and light as peace loving energies…not as greedy grabbing humans that we are today. David Icke kind of reminds me of those retilians himself…as does Bush…it is sad… This Movie was the best movie I have ever seen…we need more with messages like this to penatrate the darkness that has befallen us . The truth will prevail… we are light and love conquering the darkness..Light and love to you all …Susan~

  13. “Nobleman”… you sound very Kabbalah… and very anti-Icke- lizard-concept.

    Your words are of artistic value and a few years ago I would’ve envied you.
    Now I just admire you.
    I admire you and people like you whom I name them “skeptics”.
    You, the skeptics, never give up! No matter what, it’s a “weather balloon”, “swamp gases”, “representations of the evil inclination”…

    Keep up the good work!

    Oh well, Mr. Nobleman, I have more than 20 videos and more than 100 photos of “swamp gases” and “weather balloons”, which I personally call them UFOs, if you don’t mind, of course.

    I’ve also witnessed (accompanied by other witnesses) at least 12 sightings of different “alien” entities.
    Indeed, no provable hard evidence, sorry. I’ve tried to get them on camera, using all the tricks possible, but it didn’t work so far. They materialize and dematerialize, they go through fences and walls, they jump tens of feet in the air and sometimes they use some kind of technology and disable my equipment…

    And, believe me; I know exactly what I’ve witnessed.

    Have you ever heard of me?
    No, of course not, because I never go to any TV stations or Newspapers to report and/or share my evidence and the main reason being the fact that I don’t want the skeptics to co-exist within this process of Awakening. I share my findings with like-minded people, vibrating onto the right frequency bandwidth…

    If you would like to get a glimpse of some of my vids and photos, you could do so by clicking on
    http://realifo.blogspot.com/ for vids
    and for photos,

    where you could also find a photo of the Moon taken by NASA and enhanced by me, where you could easily SEE some very nice buildings, flying objects and other “swamp gases” and “representations of the evil inclination” .

    Too bad I don’t have a better equipment to catch whatever I see. My Video and Photo cameras are not very performing…

    Eventually I’ve stopped publishing my findings/sightings/videos/photos because the “skeptics” have started to survey the area with some very sophisticated planes and helicopters…

    Note to believers: UFOs are still showing up for my cameras.


  14. Nobleman

    For Matthew:

    Just a thought on what you are saying above to elucidate what I’m saying. If our full consciousness is being suppressed by reptiles then you SHOULD judge them for it and you should blame them for it. We are fallen… and in order to rise up again we have to separate what is good and usable from what is bad and useless, and therefore in a sense there is a culprit that it is ok to pass judgment on and there is a proper place to put blame. However if you sat in your bedroom and got pissed at reptiles for your condition and judged them for it then you would get nowhere. Why? Because reptiles aren’t to blame. However we are allowed to keep an eye on ourselves and it is ok to feel blameworthy before the spirit of pure goodness. It is ok to judge oneself as not good enough. There is a place for blame and a place to judge. It’s ok to be disgusted even, as long as you are disgusted with your own ego. That’s why reptiles aren’t responsible for our condition. Because we can’t become free by blaming them. We are to blame and we know this is a fact because when we judge and blame ourselves we find true freedom. This is mathematics. This is how truth works. “Blame” and “Judgment” and other things that people think of as negative actually have a use and serve a purpose. By blaming ourselves we have taken that behaviour that we call “blaming” and put it in its proper place. We have put it to use in the way that it was evolved to be used. When we blame ourselves then blame turns into self analysis and discrimination and eventually evolves into the height of wisdom.

    I am a murderer even. I think it is the best thing ever. I murder my ego.

    If the reptiles were truly to blame then you would be justified to blame them and to put all of your blame on them. That will get you nowhere but the nuthouse though because that’s not where blame belongs.

    So yes the article does bother me because it teaches people to blame reptiles and therefore they don’t blame themselves for their own conditions. Silence is golden; however like blame has it’s place, speaking out has it’s place.

  15. Matthew

    Nobleman: To each his own brother. Although what you have said in your latest comment does not completely resonate with me, it is perfectly fine and I respect you fully for it. You are entitled to your own beliefs and your own truth. There is no right or wrong in regards to how soul growth is achieved. If “enlightenment” is the result of whatever you experience, then that’s all that matters. I’ll leave it at that.

    You said: “So yes the article does bother me because it teaches people to blame reptiles”. I personally don’t agree with this in the sense that it “teaches” us to do anything. To me, I see it from a neutral standpoint and it’s just information. No where is David Icke saying that you have to retain or believe what he is saying. It’s just shared information and there is no obligation towards anything said. If people begin to “blame” the Reptilians for certain things because of reading this then great, that’s what they need to experience at the moment in order to further evolve. We all have our own individual paths that we take and doors that we walk through. With that said, understand that all is perfection, always.

  16. Anon Mity

    Please be carefull with the full interpretation…let me explain.

    Nowadays many conspiracy and spiritual reasearchers are saying that there is no necessity for violence to defeat the new world order and the elite.. this is true only up until they (the elite) start using violence their self.

    Our world is turning bit by bit into a global fascism and we the people are separatede so cant react in a violence bunch,,, thats our problem, because the elite will achieve new worl order in a peacefull way,,, shame on us.

    tell me one way in wich the people could free their selfs from new world order being as separated as we are,, and without using collective violence ?????,, y dare you.


  17. knowing

    Wether these trans-dimensional shapehifting reptilian/Spirit/ghost/Alien/critter thingies exist or not doesnt matter. We are all of one conciousness and are connected to all beings through the collective. Everyone effects everyone else and we are all aware of different cosmic processes and so on in varying degrees. All that needs to be done is to develop a proper healthy, balanced pursuit of inner, spiritual transformation. Intelectual stuff is useful, and balanced awareness of the outer workings of the world is good, but the main thing is developing ones inner proccess, I think.

    I don’t know David Icke, Ive not met the guy, but although he says some interesting stuff and much of it true, with respect I don’t think he is anything special. He knows a bit, but there are far greater scholars who are far more complete and balanced in my view: Heres a few which are pure brilliance for all those interested Rene Guenon, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Frithjof Schuon, Mirchea Eliade.

    P.S. Hey Bone, chill out a little dude, be a bit more open and dynamic. Its not necasary to be so narrow minded or nasty. Be nice, be open and think in a more multifaceted way. Oh, let all the info flow too, don’t get to hooked on specific beliefs about whats going on. As Icke said its all total left brain. Be centred and relax and as someone stated above just treat it as info and let it come and go. Or not if you prefer 😉 . As a great scholar once said (I think it was Carl Jungif I remember correctly) : -“The most important thing about Knowledge is knowing what you do not know.”

    Anyway thats my five cents worth

  18. Lakeshore:The one thing that I have learned when studying consciousness, and which in my opinion is it’s most important element by far, is that consciousness is a “non-local” function of the universe.What this means is that it does not depend on EM waves or anything physical for transmission.It doesn’t not depend on energy or matter, as we know it, to be transmitted through space-time (the energy-matter-time matrix that we see and feel around us).Consciousness is something more, something completely separate from both matter, and energy, and time as well.

    Lakeshore, I absolutely agree with you here about the “non-local” nature of consciousness. To me the transhuman “cult” agenda in this movie is what screamed out
    so loudly to me.

    I have yet to read this whole article or many of the other replies (for some reason I just scrolled down to your reply) but there seems to be a great conversation happening here so I will return to it when I have time. Actually I have been thinking about this very concept a lot lately and I just released a podcast where I am speaking directly about the non-local nature to consciousness. The pod cast is called The Chronicles of the Psychonautilus.
    I will return soon to read more of this great discussion happening here.

  19. David, great stuff!

    AVATAR certainly is a lot like AYAHUASCA isn’t it??? My brother told me of the nature scenes and how much it reminded him of the medicine.


  20. alan

    they(people in sumerian times) kept extensive records of who married who.,who was “divine” and who was not..they wrote that for a reason.lineage…just looking at their pics alone should tell you something along those lines happened,,imean,,the mining sites WERE there,,sitchin did write about the colors of planets and other things that came to be fact years later….angels and gods were just white people that the natives saw as reptilian…dna shows that ramses and others were white,,, im white and i know how whites are,arrogant and selfish,,some are not,,it makes perfect logical sense to me,,,,but shapeshifting reptiles,hmmmm

  21. Nobleman

    Anon Mity: There is no virtue in fighting. There is no virtue in killing the new world order. Who is the new world order and who do we kill? There will be violence but it is not the way. An enlightened being doesn’t even look at the government and try to struggle out of it. An enlightened being has all freedom within. There is no problems for enlightened ones. That is what we are striving for. Not to free ourselves of tyranny by finding a physical enemy but by freeing our insides from tyranny itself. Remember Jesus, “Do not resist evil”. You can’t both be enlightened and be struggling against physical factors. We have to be free from worldly turmoils within ourselves and to fight with the worldly turmoils is just to jump into the duality and there is no internal freedom possible when we are filled with worldly anxiety. Our trust needs to be in God. His judgment is just and his kingdom is coming no matter who tries to stop it. Pray with good thoughts and free the world that way.

    It’s funny that David Icke speaks about Avatar being the story of our world in reverse. He sees the reverse Avatar as being the story of the enslavement of mankind. However, since mankind will be free again by traveling the reverse of the path that it traveled to become enslaved then Avatar is simply a story of the redemption of mankind. The light bearers in our world are represented by the Na’vi and the humans in the movie avatar are the corporate-economical-governmental power machines which include most of us. One day we will switch sides like the main character humans in the movie and touch into that nature of life which already exists in some heavenly planes and reach the Na’vi of our world. We will like their ways and we will fight along-side them in goodness to put a halt to our current world structure. We will then become Na’vi ourselves and the evil corporate-economical-governmental structures will leave our planet. I’m surprised Icke didn’t take the positive outlook out of this movie. It seems, as good a man as he is, that he focused on the fall rather then on the redemption. This story is our fall in reverse. Therefore it is redemption.

  22. Om Chitta

    I was finally came to this understanding as nobleman. It is a difficult thing to share with others because they are still in the fight to finding who they truly are and not what they think they are. If you don’t go within you go without. I have found by sacrificing things such as cigarettes, coffee, and other things that i desire and not to give into temptations. keep up the good fight we will all be out when we find our way in 😀

  23. demarche

    Well, Nobleman is definitely a reptilian shill. He regurgitates what he has read that he thinks he is “suppose” to say…hehe…gotcha brother. Yes, “brother”, in Matthew’s sense. You really can’t change your ways. Its like Matt says, it is what it is…we will fight you in self defense, but we wish no entity harm. Ditto, Om Chitta.


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