David Icke: Avatar Movie – A Story of Earth…In Reverse

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The following information was an article featured in one of David Icke’s recent newsletters. We here at Collective Evolution thought it would be a great idea to share this with you as it coincides with our understanding of a very significant piece of history here on Earth. It is definitely an interesting read to say the least. Enjoy!


Hello all …

I don’t go to see films very much, but I have been to watch the much-hyped James Cameron movie, Avatar, and I am glad I did.

I thought it was excellent and the animation and special effects were cutting edge, but what interested me most is that it basically tells the story of what has happened on Earth – albeit back to front.

The plot, which takes place in the year 2154, involves a people with blue skin and lion-type noses who are native to Pandora, ‘a moon of the gas giant, Polyphemus, which orbits Alpha Centauri A’. They live in total harmony with their environment and they know that everything is connected and part of a unified Consciousness.

The trees and plant life of Pandora have formed electrochemical connections between the roots which act as neurons to form a sentient planet-wide ‘brain’, or Consciousness. The blue people, called the ‘Na’vi’, have their own ‘root connectors’ which allow them to ‘plug in’, through plants and trees, to this network of ‘Oneness’.

But then the humans arrive with their advanced technology. They are administrators and soldiers representing the RDA corporation which wants to mine Pandora for an extremely valuable ore called ‘unobtainium’ (the dictionary definition of this word is ‘a humorous colloquialism that refers to any extremely rare, costly, or physically impossible material needed to fulfil a given design for a given application’).

The humans set up a sealed base to protect themselves from what is to them the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora. When they are not in the base or their flying craft they have to wear masks to breathe.

Some of the humans are able to mingle with the Na’vi for purposes of manipulation thanks to genetically-engineered Na’vi bodies which they technologically ‘possess’.

One human, a former Marine called Jake Sully, agrees to be part of this infiltration because he is genetically compatible with a Na’vi body that had been specially made for his late brother. These human-Na’vi DNA hybrids are called avatars.

Jake, however, falls in love with a Na’vi woman and with the lifestyle in general, and a battle ensues in which he helps to drive out the other humans, but not before they have destroyed the Na’vi’s communal home which was located on the unobtainium deposits that the humans had come to mine.

I knew nothing about the movie or the plot when I arrived at the cinema, I just felt compelled to go. But it soon became clear that I was watching – in theme – how the Earth and humanity were hijacked by the Reptilian race that I have written so extensively about.

My new book, due out in the spring, expands massively on this and so much more, thanks to the wealth of new information that has come my way in recent months. I am not writing or talking about this yet, because I want it to come out in one go, all dots connected, and not in dribs and drabs.

But, for sure, the Avatar story captures the theme of the Reptilian takeover, whether James Cameron meant it that way, or not.

To see this, you have to reverse the roles. The indigenous blue people are symbolic of humans on Earth aeons ago, and the humans that arrive on Pandora in search of the unobtainium are symbolic of the Reptilians who came here.

The ancient Sumerian Tablets, discovered in what is now called Iraq, say that a non-human race, the ‘Anunnaki’, came to Earth to mine for gold in Africa, and the Tablets describe how they genetically-manipulated humans to be their worker-slaves. Evidence of gold mining at least 100,000 years ago has been found in Africa.

Zulu legends also support this same theme and, together with ancient accounts from all over the world, they speak of a ‘Golden Age’ when the whole Earth was lush and beautiful and the people lived in harmony with their environment.

There was no hunger or poverty because people lived off the plentiful fruits of the land and forests, especially the forests, which covered much of the planet. The weather was stable and there were no seasons, because the Earth spun on a different axis.

The planet was also encircled by a canopy of water in the high atmosphere that protected people from the harsh rays of the Sun, the Zulu legends say. As a result, there were no deserts and water was plentiful.

Then came the Reptilian intervention that brought geological and biological catastrophe to the Earth. I explain in the new book how this was done – it is quite a shocker.

Anyway, the water canopy was destroyed and this is biblically symbolised as the 40 days and 40 nights of rain. The Earth moved on its axis and its relationship with the Sun dramatically changed to give us the four seasons.

The Earth’s climate was transformed and so was human life. Forests were lost on a vast scale and deserts began to form. Plentiful food sources were destroyed in many places and life became a struggle to survive.

Reptilian geneticists created a new human to serve their interests and it is significant that human brain capacity increased for perhaps millions of years until about 200,000 years ago when that suddenly stopped and began to reverse. It is in this same period that humans began to look something like they do today.

The Avatar story also includes genetically-created Na’vi-human hybrids to infiltrate the Na’vi by looking like they do. This is precisely what has happened on Earth with the Reptilians ‘possessing’ the Reptilian-human hybrids that I have written about for so long.

These are the bloodlines that control the global secret society network and, through that, the governments, banks, corporations, media, military, ‘education’ and so on.

Crucial to human control has been to suppress activity in the right side of the brain, or at least to stop it transmitting that activity, awareness and information to the left side via the ‘bridge’ known as the corpus callosum.

The two hemispheres see reality in fundamentally different ways and this is expressed in the very different perspectives of the humans and the blue-skinned Na’vi in the Avatar movie.

The right-side of the brain connects us to ‘out there’, the infinite realms beyond the confines of the five senses and ‘visible light’ where everything is experienced as ‘One’. The Na’vi represent an open right-brain which understands that everything is connected to everything else.

Jill Bolte Taylor, an American brain scientist, experienced right-brain reality very powerfully when she suffered a haemorrhage that stopped the left-side functioning – dominating – as it usually does. She was on an exercise machine when she realised something very strange was happening:

‘… it was as though my consciousness had shifted away from my normal perception of reality, where I’m the person on the machine having the experience, to some esoteric space where I’m witnessing myself having this experience. I look down at my arm and I realize that I can no longer define the boundaries of my body. I can’t define where I begin and where I end, because the atoms and the molecules of my arm blended with the atoms and molecules of the wall. And all I could detect was this energy. Energy. And I’m asking myself, ‘What is wrong with me, what is going on?…

… ‘And at first I was shocked to find myself inside of a silent mind. But then I was immediately captivated by the magnificence of energy around me. And because I could no longer identify the boundaries of my body, I felt enormous and expansive. I felt at one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful there.’

This is the limitless, unified ‘world’ that has been kept from us by the left-brain which dominates our sense of reality and entraps us in the five senses.

The symbolic soldiers guarding the entrance to the left-brain. Picture by Neil Hague (www.neilhague.com).

The left side of the brain is our ‘this world’ reality of language and structure, what passes for ‘logic’, and the general ‘physical’ world perspective. It decodes information encoded in the energetic fabric of our reality into sequence to give us the illusion of ‘time’ passing from ‘past’ to future’, while the right-brain knows that there is only the eternal ‘Now’.

The left hemisphere dominates especially in ‘academics’ and those who have passed through the ‘higher’ levels of the sausage machine that is bravely called ‘education’.

The whole global political and economic system is run by dark-suits trapped in left-brain reality. This is why we live in a left-brain society and the right-brain perspective is ridiculed or condemned as ‘crazy’. The human invaders in Avatar personify this left-brain domination.

They have no appreciation or understanding of the interconnected harmony and mutual respect between the Na’vi, animals, trees and plants. It is just mumbo-jumbo to them. The humans live in the ‘real world’ of physical ‘apartness’ with the philosophy of see-want-take. In this case, take the unobtainium.

If that means destroying the home and way of life of people who happen to live on the resource deposits that you want to make your fortune, then so be it. What does it matter? They are just primitive savages and we are only destroying a forest.

Who cares? Send the boys in.

The left-brain mentality has no empathy with the consequences for others of its actions, because empathy comes from making a connection to other expressions of life, be they people, trees, plants or animals, and putting yourself in their situation.

Left-brain prisoners can’t do this when they are decoding everything as ‘individual’ with only ‘space’ in between. The right-brain knows that there is no ‘space in between’ – only a single energetic field that connects us all.

It is this sense of, and literal, connection between all apparently ‘individual’ form that gives us a sense of empathy, the fail-safe system that prevents extreme behaviour and actions that cause suffering for others.

Without empathy, anything goes, and the Reptilian manipulation has specifically set out to disconnect us from right-brain reality to (a) stop us accessing far higher levels of awareness and intelligence, and (b) to suppress our sense of empathy.

You see this so clearly with those in the military that can pepper-bomb cities and fire missiles into civilian areas in the Gaza Strip without any emotional consequences for themselves over the death, destruction and suffering that they cause.

Once people are stripped of empathy they become robotic machines without feeling or compassion and so much military training is designed to do just that. So it is with the dark suits who manipulate and declare the wars and devastate the economies of target countries in places like Africa to line their own pockets.

The humans in Avatar are just like this, apart from the very few who ‘turned’ eventually. To the left-brain mentality (a village idiot compared with the right), it was all so simple.

We want the resources to make lots of money and those primitive blue people are living on top of them and won’t move. No problem, scramble the aircraft and let ‘em ‘ave it. The left-brain, to use a quote from the British writer, Oscar Wilde, knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Look around, it’s the world we live in.

The genetic and other manipulation has turned most of humanity into a terminal of the Reptilian hive mind, something I explain in great detail in the new book. Humans have become their oppressors in mind and mentality – just as they were meant to.

Or, at least, great swathes of them have. Others still have significant access to right-brain reality and their ranks are growing by the day as the awakening of human consciousness continues.

When I say ‘awakening’, I don’t mean that just the awareness of a conspiracy is confirmation that someone has opened the channels to the right-brain and ‘out there’. The conspiracy research arena is overwhelmingly a left-brain phenomenon. This is not a criticism, just an observation, and quite an obvious one when you look at it.

As you open the left-brain and the corpus callosum to right-brain information, awareness and perspective, it is your entire sense of self and reality that changes.

You are not the same person that you were before who has simply realised that a global conspiracy is going on. You are nothing like the person you were before. The game has changed, and the values and perspective of self and life are transformed.

In Avatar, the human (Reptilian) invaders are ousted from Pandora in a massive battle. It is an action-movie, so I guess they feel it necessary to have a technological and biological punch-up as the humans employ their advanced weaponry against the Na’vi’s knowledge of their environment and their connection with the animals that stampede in their support and the dragon-like creatures on which they fly.

But we don’t need violence to set us free. We need to open the right-side of the brain and reconnect with our true and infinite potential. Everything else comes from that. The manipulators have not worked so hard to close down that connection because it is a bit of fun.

They have done so because it is absolutely crucial – prime – to their ability to control. They are terrified that we will wake up and access that fantastic potential.

Put another way, left-brain or right? Or, even better, a balance of both

People who have experienced damage to the left brain have suddenly manifested extraordinary, or what we would call ‘super-human’ abilities, as the potential of the right brain is unlocked.

But they are not ‘super-human'; they are ‘natural human’ who have been able to break the ‘firewalls’ imposed upon ‘suppressed human’. Incredible feats of mathematics, memory and other ‘miraculous’ skills are performed by even young children once damage has reduced the limiting-influence of the left-brain.

Many of them are known as ‘savants’, children who have an amazing skill or skills while also having developmental problems, ‘mental retardation’, brain injury or disease. Around half of these so-called ‘savants’ have autism.

They are accessing brain potentials that are dormant in the vast majority because of the Reptilian manipulation, and, therefore, they not only have incredible abilities, but often find it hard to function within left-brain society.

It seems to me that part of the problem is that when the right brain really opens, the left-brain can have its reality-circuits busted and can’t cope with that level of perception and energy.

Stephen Wiltshire, an ‘autistic savant’ in the UK, is a wonderful example of their extraordinary ‘gifts’. He was taken on a helicopter ride over London at the age of twelve for a BBC documentary in 1987 and was allowed to take no notes or photographs, not that he wanted to, or needed to.

He then proceeded to produce an amazingly accurate drawing of the city, as it looks from the air, and included more than 200 buildings – some of which had hundreds of windows accurately portrayed even though he didn’t have the ability to count because of his autism.

Stephen Wiltshire today

It was all done purely from memory and he later did the same in Rome. You can see Stephen’s work at www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk.

Daniel Tammet, another British ‘autistic savant’, can do mathematical calculations at computer-like speeds and can speak seven languages (at the last count). He learned Icelandic in a week and his language teacher described him as a ‘genius’ and ‘not human’.Oh, but he is very human – the human the Reptilians and their bloodlines are desperately trying to suppress, because they know that their game is up once we access even a fraction of who we really are.

That moment is getting closer ever day.

David Icke2
Written by David Icke
Much Love,
The Collective Evolution Team

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  1. Tonjalea

    Beautiful ideas listed here. I have read them all and there are so many intelligent responses.
    Sometimes a person can get to a point in life where they realize that all things exist. There is no such thing as imagination. Time is circular. We can not create anything that hasnt already been created. Whatever we can imagine, already is. Sometimes we see that there is at least two ‘opposite’ sides to every idea (which makes them exist). But by being aware of both sides of everything, it actually cancels out any 1 truth. Hard to make a stand on any specific belief. We have all heard that our ‘beliefs create our reality’ they do guide our paths and the choices we make. To accept the balance of All that is… and the balance of ones own self, is to Love Yourself. (love=acceptance) We are all light and dark, good and bad. Judgment is separation. Be whichever you are right now. Why not guide your path by picking and choosing your belief … in this moment? Make it exciting!!! Make it peaceful…. Make it active!!! Whatever you want. Maybe life is just a game to be experienced. ???

  2. Omshantiom

    Avatar also relates a lot to what most people don’t know is happening to the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona. The US government let them stay on the land they claimed as where creation was made, Big Mountain, then they discovered that there is massive amounts of Uranium there and started to extract it and pollute all of the water except for the main supply next to where they extract it from. The Indians have to walk MILES to get polluted water that is poisoning them. In nine years the contract between the hopis and the gov’t will be up and they will force them to leave their land if we keep this in the dark. My friends and I would like to hold a free benefit concert one day that will help spread awareness of the unjust things that are happening there. After that, if people choose to, they can stay and ‘occupy’ the res with the Indians. There are PLENTY of houses for people if you are okay with living primitive. I use to be afraid to spread the truths that I know too publicly for fear of being shot by the gov’t (too much adderall(which isn’t a word according to this computer, thankfully haha) and weed one night a couple years ago haha, probably did get shot in a past life, too) Now I know that even if they were to try and kill off people that know the truth, that would just cause it to spread like fire. Keep spreading the Love&Light everyone, because in all actuality that is why we are here ♥

  3. Larix

    Wow to reading this article just felt like a milestone in my consciousness…
    Just made click on some stuff i was thinkin about allready. I’m sure that psychedelics giving you the possiblity to weaken the overpower of the left brain. giving you the strengt of the right brain as well. Especially tryptamines that I experienced let me feel that. Now i know why that stuff is Illegal.
    I don’t say that it is just possible by psychedelics. I’m sure that meditation and other brain trainings take you there as well…
    I think that stuff like vaccines, fluoride, MSG and Aspartame and all that rubbish is there to block your abillity of the right brain. (it’s just what i think, i didn.t make any research about that topic yet, but it’s clear that this things affect your brain)
    Maybe somebody have some more ideas about that viewpoint…

  4. You worked that movie to death Mr. Icke, that represented the growth of this country. It shows how the europeans came to a peaceful and content country, and tryed to perform a total assimilation of them because they had what others wanted, even if they had to be killed for it. It’s the history of life, where we stand, as actual trespassers in this land. We came we saw we conquered, all we are waiting for now, is the finally, where the true people come back with a vengence.. Don’t overanalyze the very obvious,… not sure where you got your serpent theory, If there is a serpent, it is our government today. and to be sure anything they want they call it unobtanium, and proceed to just take it away..Just read the basics into a fine and very well presented movie.. i thought it excellent…

  5. David is all about allowing the Aliens to be here,, he does not tell you about their hidden agenda to pacify the Human family to them so they can then take control of you, our world and our solar system. read http://alliesofhumanity.org, free book explains their pacification and Intervention program that is now going on. David is a representative for them. Without access to the greater powers within YOU., your mind can be manipulated and controlled. Knowledge within you is your only protection.Knowledge is the most powerful force in the Universe, it is in you. Humanity as a collective group should set the rules of engagement, they are resource seekers and are strong in the mental field..Humanity is weak, we need to unlock the great power within each individual, to navigate the times ahead..BEWARE OF DAVID!

  6. There is a New Message for Humanity 9300 pages. At the core of the New Message is Knowledge. Knowledge is the most powerful force in the Universe and it is in you! free book here http://stepstoknowledge.com

  7. MW

    I don’t know from reptilian or Paleidian(sp?) but the information on left-right balance and experience was very helpful to my nephew trying to cope with his spectrum condition.

  8. Bluetitty muncher

    i just like the blue tities

  9. IZ

    Shrooms help activate your right brain, I’m not basing this on scientific research , just extensive personal experimentation :)

  10. Hi, its good post about media print, we all be familiar with
    media is a impressive source of facts.

  11. Nani

    Shape-shifting reptilians are in fact real – both to those who imagine them and to the weak-minded who willingly accept a non-consensus reality imposed by someone else. In the end ALL beliefs are but mind stuff – the very substance of what Icke is describing in his lamentations over his “lost” right brain “reality”. It’s a perfect irony: Icke demonstrates quite dramatically the flaws of his own belief system – which is that a right brain model of “reality” (non-consensus by definition) is inherently inconsistent and unverifiable, lacking empirical support. But he goes on insisting in its “factual” basis. He seems to have the very trouble of which he writes in his inability to reconcile his left brain hyper-logical thinking with his right brain metaphysical reptilian fantasy. Let us not forget that he once declared himself on national TV (BBC) to be the second coming of Jesus Christ in all seriousness. Was that your left or your right brain talking?

  12. Dinglemeyer

    Eastern European Jews = Reptilians

  13. Actually I think that without a God consciousness (including religions) on this earth, we would have already destroyed each other. Religion has served its purpose… now it is time to become what we are meant to be.

    I know there are only 2 forces at work in our human existence. They are Love and Fear. Religion has taught many of us that love is to be preferred over fear. Love is to be extended to all of humanity. And fear of anything is to be shunned.

    Not everyone has taken those lessons from religion. So those who have no knowledge of God are so quick to blame ‘religion’ for many of the ills of our societies.

    At any given time you can hear or see someone in the public arena bashing religion and making light of people’s sacred belief. To these people very little is sacred. They want to live without the restrictions that religion places on their lives and the should be able to do that.

    They will preach love and light but what they really mean is the same humanistic garbage we have all heard before: Man if God. And because man is God he doesn’t need a Heavenly God to shepherd his life.

    They whine mightily about how locked-down you are because you have a belief in God, and they are quick to tell you that they have a better belief system than yours. Isn’t this Satan all over again?

    We MUST all be able to worship/believe as we please.

    I would be a lot more comfortable with these guys and their new-age thoughts if they had a life-philosophy that allowed me to believe as I choose and they could in turn do the same.

    Religion doesn’t have to separate the human race. It can be our single most unifying factor… but we must learn to put others before ourselves.

    Their God-Man belief system will never allow the human race to transition into that creature but religion, when properly used will.

    The next time you guys decide to create a video, please share information that you have learned and do not attempt to ‘convince’ anyone of the absolute truths of your personal beliefs.

    We all live in this holographic world together… and many, many will die without ever realizing the true nature of our earth and our human bodies and that is okay.

    Take the blue pill and go back to sleep. It’s already a lot later than you think.

  14. Magalovski

    IMHO, I believe that if all that stuff is real, Mr. Icke would be more endangered than Julian Assange with his wikileaks. Maybe the only truth is that Mr. Icke sells tons of books every year and his speeches yields him lots and lots of money.

  15. fatpeopleneedlove

    For all those who do not believe we have been manipulated I pose 1 question: Where does the idea of a soul mate come from. Amongst the billion of people which exist and have existed, the idea that one person is out there who is meant to be with you/us is ludicrous. But the idea is deeply ingrained in our consciousness. Why?

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  17. Masonicon

    Well what does people think about 10% of brain myth is essentially Suppression of Right Brain activity by Reptilians and what makes up “90%” of brain are actually what connects us to anything beyond five senses and the theory about people being only conscious in Left Brain are better than 10% of brain myth as people uses all of their brain even when they are only conscious in Left Brain

    • Want protection from them,, Gain access to the greater power with in YOU.. Knowledge can not be manipulated or corrupted, or controlled. You have this protection already, just needs to be awaken and utilized. http://stepstoknowledge.com free book..gain access enhance your abilities, Instinct and Intuition are but the surface of your greater power.

  18. ShadeofChaoS

    The third world war is coming.
    We’re at a crucial point in humankind’s history.
    We need to reunificate the very true people out there, cause we will only be able to defeat the evil with people who seek the truth and love and those who have their hearts open.

  19. Christine

    This has been VERY interesting to say the least! I am glad to know that there are free thinkers out here. I found this article after seeing the movie Avatar and thinking to myself… “well, that was a great movie… our bible would have read differently had we fought for ourselves as the Na’vi did” So, I decided to google “was the Avatar story similar to what happened to Humanity?” and this article was the first that popped up… At first I was exited because someone was thinking like me… but then I saw all of the different views and it’s a lot of food for thought!

    Now, I don’t have any degrees and my vocabulary isn’t as extensive as some that have commented. Quite honestly, I don’t understand most of what some said. But at the end of the day, here is what I do believe so far….

    There is a Creator (whatever you chose to call him is up to you) and He created humans for His own purpose (it is His privilege to conceal that purpose). I futher believe that there was a disagreement in Heaven and in order to eridicate the cause of this disruption, The Creator had to allow the perpetrator to ‘prove’ his point. Yes, I believe that on judgement day, Lucifer is looking to make a ‘case’ before The Creator and as many followers as he (Lucifer) has, the better a chance he has to ‘prove’ his case.

    The reason I think that The Creator showed us grace and mercy is probably because Lucifer use trickery to get us to fall for his cause. If he (Lucifer) had been honest and we still chose to trust in him instead of our Maker, then I don’t think we would have gotten another chance.

    Now the story of the Reptillian race, I will not say is true or untrue because I have not experience it so can not decide for myself. But stranger things have/will happen. Jesus said that His Fathers house has many mansions… There are people that are bent on doing evil, even I, prior to answering my Creator, did evil things. Things that I am embarrased and am ashamed of. He loves me and everyone and everything. Even Lucifer. He understands all of our emotions and thoughts. Afterall, He made them. In due time, He will reset the system to where we can all live in harmony and His will will be our will (willingly). (this is were I understand where Nobleman is coming from… he feels that God needed us to know evil in order to choose good not just because He said so but because goodness is the right way- being ‘good’ will not destroy us)

    I do think that money is the root of ALL evil. IF there is a race of Reptillians, what they use to confuse and mislead us is MONEY. The more of it we have, the more powerful we feel. But the truth is, we don’t need money. If we could find a way to live without money, we will be able to reset the balance by ourselves. But unfortunately, our minds have become so corrupted that even the thought of living without money has some of us hyperventaling this very moment!

    If the Creator doesn’t step in as promised in the Bible, we will self-distruct. We are like babies… making noise and taking what we want without much thought to the consequenses of our actions. All we need to do is treat each and every one as we should… as a part of ONE.

    But of course, no one knows anything for sure. All of this is just a matter of opinion and experience.

    Life is God experiencing Himself… (IMO)

  20. brenda

    Honestly people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i really needed a good laugh, thanks a lot…brought tears…….get a life DONT CHANGE YOUR DAY JOB…SMELL THE ROSES.

  21. N3XT

    Just my 2 cents on the doubters of the whole reptilian conversation. Just because you have not experienced something doesn’t make it real. I hope for your sake that you never have to deal with them. The overall bunch of them are ruthless, hateful and less than friendly. I’ve had a number of first hand encounters with them and some of the other negative hyper dimensional races of star visitors including the Annunaki and my experience amounted to several months of psychic attacks that were unrelenting because I went looking for answers in the higher dimensional ether’s. If you’d like the truth, go learn to access the Akashic Records and see what comes back to you on this subject or learn to Astrally Project and go take a look at the dark side of the moon or why not learn to communicate with your higher self and ask it what the whole deal is with this? I guarantee you the majority of these groups that have been mentioned do not support the evolution of consciousness and will and do actively seek to curtail it.

  22. Pachacamac

    You are all deluded, except for Mr. Icke who is probably got a nicely stuffed bank account on the back of internet retards. I know – my current incarnation channels Barney the Dinosaur, king of the reptilian invaders, and he says it’s all rubbish.
    The real lizard rulers would never let you bunch of neo – occultists get all new agey in such a public way would they?
    Unless you are all lizards! Arrrgh!
    Maybe David is. He looks a bit like one.

  23. TONE

    They say that icke work for the system that he is a spy for the system , but i go lots of information from him over the years ,, he his the one that got me starting on being conscious and aware of what is going on in the world so for me Mr icke keep up the good works

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